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Scholar Award for Markus Paulus

James S. McDonnell Foundation



The GSN faculty member Markus Paulus has received the "Understanding Human Cognition Scholar Award“ from the James S. McDonnell Foundation (JSMF). JSMF Scholar Awards support research studying how neural systems are linked to and support cognitive functions and how cognitive systems are related to an organism’s (preferably human) observable behavior. Since 2013, Markus Paulus is a Professor for Developmental and Educational Psychology of early Childhood at the LMU faculty of Psychology and he is interested in understanding the following questions: How do we become able to understand that other humans have individual goals, desires, and beliefs, that are different from our own emotions and cognitions. What are the neurocognitive mechanisms that subserve this competency and how can we explain and predict developmental changes in this capacity across childhood till adulthood? To which extent is this ability relate to a person's own action experience and capabilities and to which extent is it based on inferential reasoning and theorizing about others?

For further details (in German), please check the link here.