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Call for Applications - LMU-NYU Partnership

in the context of the academic partnership to promote and support collaboration between scholars at both institutions across disciplines and levels


Supported Initiatives

The LMU-NYU Partnership is open to all disciplines and recognizes the different cultures and requirements across disciplines. Therefore, the concrete implementation of the initiatives is left to the scholars. However, projects falling under the broad remits below will be prioritized:

Junior Scholar Exchange

Junior scholars, especially advanced doctoral students or junior faculty, who want to conduct research with partners at NYU and expand their network in the US, can apply for financial support for their stay at NYU. Financial support can include fees to for the NYU doctoral programs at the respective faculty as well as travel support.

Workshops and Conferences

The Partnership can support scientific events involving participants from both institutions. These can be exploratory workshops to stake out potential for collaboration, but also workshops presenting finished work or work-in-progress.

NYU Visiting Professor

LMU will provide additional funds for one long-term visiting professor from NYU from any faculty. The visiting professor is expected to stay at LMU for several months and take part in academic life at LMU, e.g. through lectures and research presentations. The LMU host can apply for funding.

Seed Funding for Joint Projects

Planned projects between LMU and NYU scholars can also be supported by the Partnership at a small scale in the form of seed funding.

Application Process and Requirements

Applications should be sent with a brief (1-2 pages) outline to the coordinator, Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer, Fak. 04 (BWL), Each application should justify the funds required, the expected outcome, the partner at NYU, and the level of co-sponsorship by the applicant’s faculty or unit. For applications by junior scholars, a note confirming support by a senior academic (usually the PhD advisor or the academic mentor) has to be included. Applications that demonstrate significant co-sponsorship by the applicant’s faculty or unit will be prioritized, and applications from junior scholars are strongly encouraged. Successful applicants are expected to provide a brief report indicating the initiative’s outcomes at the end of the funding period.
For further questions, please contact the coordinator, Prof. Dr. Tobias Kretschmer,