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Open PhD-Position on the in vivo role of RNA-binding proteins in adult neurogenesis available

For our SFB funded project, we are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student.


We are a collaborative young, energetic and multidisciplinary team that combines both in vivo mouse work, high-resolution imaging with state-of-the-art molecular expertise. In this competitive project, we are characterizing RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) and their role in adult neurogenesis in the mouse. In particular, we are studying the fate of mRNAs within a cell, e.g. the asymmetric segregation of mRNAs in stem cells, neural progenitors and adult neurons. Here, we are actively collaborating in the department with the Ninkovic group, in the BMC with the Götz group and internationally with leading scientists in the field.

If you are up to this challenge, please contact us by email: