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Postdoctoral Positions Available

Kiger Lab, University of California, San Diego: "Mechanisms of dynamic muscle membrane organization", with funding for immediate start date


Looking for motivated Postdocs to research mechanisms involved in regulated remodeling of muscle T-tubule membranes in fly models of human myopathy.

Projects build on our published and unpublished studies and novel genetic screens addressing the dynamic organization of Transverse (T)-tubules, specialized cell membranes critical for muscle contraction. Aims include exploration of novel functions involved in T-tubule formation as well as regulated remodeling through specific endocytic and autophagic mechanisms.

Other ongoing research in the lab with parallels to muscle remodeling is addressing regulation of phosphoinositides, endo-lysosomal trafficking and autophagy in fly tissues and human cells.

The Kiger Lab location at UCSD offers research opportunities within an exciting scientific community and training environment (along with all the other perks of San Diego!).

Please email for more information and to apply:
Dr. Amy A. Kiger
Section of Cell & Developmental Biology
University of California, San Diego