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Soapbox Science 2020

On June 27th and 28th, 2020 the next edition of the Munich Soapbox Science will bring scientists to the stage. GSN-LMU proudly sponsors the event again.





Soapbox Science Munich is going virtual for the first time ever for this year's event! Join us to hear 13 speakers discussing exciting research such as space telescopes and how they are tested before launching into space, how strange-footed frogs help us understand embryonic development, or how algae can be used to oxygenate the brain. Throughout the talks, you can engage with the speakers and ask them your questions!

  • Date: 27th and 28th of June
  • Location: Online
  • Please click here to join the live stream on Saturday, 07.00 pm
  • Please click here to join the live stream on Sunday, 07.00pm


Group 1, Saturday 27 June, 19.00-21.40


  • 19.00-19.20: Nina Compera (Helmholtz Centre Munich), “Wie züchtet man ein künstliches Mini-Organ?“ (Organ-on-a-chip or how to build a miniature organ)
  • 19.20-19.40: Dr. Noémie Becker (LMU Munich), “Borrelia, Zecken und Wirte: Evolution eines Drei-Spieler-Spiels” (Borrelia, ticks and hosts: evolution in a three-players game)
  • 19.40-20.00: Josefine Atzendorf (MPI for Social Law and Social Policy), “Rauchst du noch oder joggst du schon? Die Bedeutung riskanter Gesundheits-verhaltensweisen“ (An apple a day keeps the doctor away – the importance of lifestyle risk factors)


  • 20.00-20.20: Dr. Durdica Vukic Marosevic (Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority), “Microbe pageant
  • 20.20-20.40: Dr. Tanima Bose (LMU Munich), “Electrical thoughts of non-excitable cells: expect the unexpected”
  • 20.40-21.00: Yasamin Moradi (TU Munich), “Can we do biochemical tests faster, easier and more reliable on a small chip?”
  • 21.00-21.20: Dr. Weiwei Xu (Helmholtz Centre Munich), “What is diabetes? Sugar or no sugar, that is the question”
  • 21.20-21.40: Ivana Kurecic (MPI of Quantum Optics), “The future is quantum! … or is it?”


Group 2, Sunday 28 June, 19.00-21.20


  • 19.00-19.20: Dr. Miranda Bradshaw (MPI for Extraterrestrial Physics), “Try before you fly: how to test a space telescope”
  • 19.20-19.40: Janet Tait (LMU Munich), „Common threads: A journey through embryonic development with the strange-footed frog“
  • 19.40-20.00: Dr. Martina Magli (LMU Munich), “Trade in services, good or bad?”
  • 20.00-20.20: Sanne Maas (LMU Munich), “Teflon to upgrade our body armour: blockage of white blood cells to fight heart disease”


  • 20.20-20.40: Suzan Özugur (LMU Munich), “TBD” (Plants in blood vessels provide oxygen for the brain)
  • 20.40-21.00: Nora Kassner (LMU Munich), “Maschineller Wissenserwerb mithilfe natürlicher Sprachverarbeitung” (Knowledge learning using natural language processing)
  • 21.00-21.20: Maike Eberhardt (Technical University of Munich), “Warum gibt es keine Wunderpille gegen alles? Strukturbasierte Medikamentenentwicklung“ (Structure-based drug design – why one drug doesn’t fit all)