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Álvaro Tejero Cantero

Dr. Álvaro Tejero Cantero

GSN Alumnus SS 2012


Investigator Scientist, Dr. D. Dupret lab
MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit
University of Oxford, UK

Further Information

Thesis title: Of Memories and Ripples - Functional and Mechanistic Aspects of Memory Sequences During Hippocampal Ripples

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold

Nationality: Spanish


Rautenberg PL, Kumaraswamy A, Tejero-Cantero A, Doblander C, Norouzian MR, Kai K, Jacobsen H-A, Ai H, Wachtler T and Ikeno H. (2014) NeuronDepot: keeping your colleagues in sync by combining modern cloud storage services, the local file system, and simple web applications. Front. Neuroinform 8:55. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2014.00055.

McNamara CG, Tejero-Cantero A, Trouche S, Campo-Urriza N and Dupret D. (2014) Dopaminergic neurons promote hippocampal reactivation and spatial memory persistence. Nat. Neurosci 17(12):1658-60. doi: 10.1038/nn.3843.

Kammerer A, Tejero-Cantero Á and Leibold C. (2013) Inhibition enhances memory capacity: Optimal feedback, transient replay and oscillations. Journal of Computational Neuroscience 34(1): 125-136.

Maier N, Tejero-Cantero Á, Dorrn AL, Winterer J, Beed PS, Morris G, Kempter R, Poulet JFA, Leibold C and Schmitz D. (2011) Coherent phasic excitation during hippocampal ripples. Neuron 72: 137-152.

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