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Siyi Chen

Dr. Siyi Chen

GSN Alumna SS 2018

Further Information

Nationality: Chinese

Topic of Thesis: Object completion effects in attention and memory

Supervisor: PD. Dr. Markus Conci


Hua M, Han ZR, Chen S, Yang M, Zhou R and Hu S (2014). Late positive potential (LPP) modulation during affective picture processing in preschoolers. Biological psychology, 101: 77-81.

Chen S, Zhou R, Cui H and Chen X (2013). Deficits in cue detection underlie event-based prospective memory impairment in major depression: an eye tracking study. Psychiatry research, 209(3): 453-458.

Chen S, Zhou R, Xiu L, Chen S, Chen X and Tan C (2013). Effects of 45-day-6° head-down bed rest on the time-based prospective memory. Acta Astronautica, 84: 81-87.

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