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Kiri Anne Couchman

Dr. Kiri Anne Couchman

GSN Alumna WS 10/11


Dynamic Neuronal Imaging
Institut Pasteur, Paris

Further Information

Thesis title: Receptor and Synapses in the MSO

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe

Nationality: Australian


Youssoufian M, Couchman K, Shivdasani MN, Paolini AG and Walmsley BB. (2008) Maturation of auditory brainstem projections and calyces in the congenitally deaf (dn/dn) mouse. J Comp Neurol 506: 442–451.

Couchman K, Grothe B and Felmy F. (2012) Functional localization of neurotransmitter receptors and synaptic inputs to mature neurons of the medial superior olive. J Neurophysiol 107: 1186–1198.

Couchman K, Grothe B and Felmy F. (2010) Medial superior olivary neurons receive surprisingly few excitatory and inhibitory inputs with balanced strength and short-term dynamics. The Journal of Neuroscience, 30(50): 17111–17121.

Couchman K, Garrett A, Deardoff AS, Rattay F, Resatz S, Fyffe R, WalmsleB y and Leão RN. (2011) Lateral superior olive function in congenital deafness. Hear Res 277(1-2): 163-75. doi: 10.1016/j.heares.2011.01.012.