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Amory H. Danek

Dr. Amory H. Danek (née Faber)

GSN Alumna WS 12/13


PI, DFG Research Fellowship
Topic: Learning from insight – disentangling cognitive and affective components of the insight memory advantage


Allgemeine und Theoretische Psychologie / Experimental and Theoretical Psychology
Universität Heidelberg
Hauptstr. 47
69117 Heidelberg


Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Investigation of Insight with Magic Tricks: Introducing a Novel Paradigm

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe

Nationality: German


Danek AH, Öllinger M, Fraps T, Grothe B and Flanagin VL. (2015) An fMRI investigation of expectation violation in magic tricks. Frontiers in Psychology, 6: 84.

Danek AH, Fraps T, von Müller A, Grothe B and Öllinger M. (2014) It’s a kind of magic – what self-reports can reveal about the phenomenology of insight problem solving. Frontiers in Psychology, 5: 1408.

Danek AH, Fraps T, von Müller A, Grothe B and Öllinger M. (2014) Working Wonders? Investigating insight with magic tricks. Cognition, 130(2): 174-185.

Danek AH, Gade M, Lunardelli A and Rumiati RI. (2013) Tomato and Tuna – A test for language-free assessment of action understanding. Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology, 26(4): 208-217.

Danek AH, Fraps T, von Müller A, Grothe B and Öllinger M. (2013) Aha! experiences leave a mark: Facilitated recall of insight solutions. Psychological Research, 77(5): 659–669, doi:10.1007/s00426-012-0454-8

Öllinger M, Jones G, Faber AH and Knoblich G. (2013) Cognitive mechanisms of insight: Therole of heuristics and representational change in solving the eight-coin problem. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 39(3): 931–939, doi:10.1037/a0029194

Faber AH, Kühnpast N, Sürer F, Hinz AM and Danek A. (2009) The Iso-Effect: Is there specific learning of Tower of London iso-problems? Thinking & Reasoning, 15(3): 237-249.

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