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Ondrej Havlicek

Dr. Ondrej Havlicek

GSN Alumnus WS 2016/17


LMU Munich
Department of Experimental Psychology
Leopoldstr. 44
D-80802 Munich

Room: 504
Phone: +49 (0)89 / 2180 72532


Further Information

Nationality: Czech Republic

Topic of Thesis: The Challenges of Investigating the Sense of Agency by Explicit and Implicit Methods

Supervisor: Main: PD Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska; Other: Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier


Background: I have studied computer science, cognitive science and philosophy at the University of Economics in Prague and ELTE in Budapest. Since 2012 I have been a PhD student in the neurophilosophy program of the GSN-LMU in Munich, where I am focusing mainly on cognitive psychology and neuroscience. I am interested in the science and philosophy of intentional action and metacognition.

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