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Michael Hegenloh

Dr. Michael Hegenloh

GSN Alumnus WS 12/13


Department of Psychology
Tel-Aviv University

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Mechanisms of visual salience and memory on reaching and grasping behavior

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller

Nationality: Swiss


Zehetleitner M, Krummenacher J, Geyer T, Hegenloh M and Müller HJ. (2010) Intention and trial history modulate dimensional weights in localization of pop-out targets. Attention, Perception, Pschophysics 73(2): 349–63.

Mueller S, Keeser D, Samson AC, Kirsch V, Blautzik J, Grothe M, Erat O, Hegenloh M, Coeates U, Reiser MF, Hennig-Fast K and Meindl T. (2013) Convergent Findings of Altered Functional and Structural Brain Connectivity in Individuals with High Functioning Autism: A Multimodal MRI Study. PLoS ONE 8(6): e67329. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0067329.

Zehetleitner M, Krummenacher J, Geyer T, Hegenloh M and Müller HJ. (2011) Dimension intertrial and cueing effects in localization: support for pre-attentively weighted one-route models of saliency. Attention, Perception, & Pschophysics, 73(2): 349-363.

Szameitat AJ, Raabe M, Müller HJ, Greenlee MW, Mourão-Miranda J and the NCP Students. (2010) Motor imagery of voluntary coughing: a functional MRI study using a support vector machine. NeuroReport, 21 (15): 980-984.

Schnabel U, Hegenloh M, Müller HJ and Zehetleitner M. (in press). Electomagnetic tracking of motion in the proximity of computer generated graphical stimuli: A tutorial. Behavior Research Methods. 45(3):696-701. doi: 10.3758/s13428-012-0277-y.

Zehetleitner M, Hegenloh M and Müller HJ. (2011) Visually guided pointing movements are driven by the salience map. Journal of Vision, 11: 24.

Samson AC and Hegenloh M. (2010) Structural stimulus properties affect humor processing in individuals with Asperger syndrome. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40 (4): 438-447.

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