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Este Leidmaa

Dr. Este Leidmaa

GSN Alumna SS 2016

Further Information

Nationality: Estonian

Topic of Thesis: Hedonic interruption of the physiological controls of eating: sites and mechanisms

Supervisor: Dr. Osborne Almeida


Innos J, Leidmaa E, Philips MA, Sütt S, Alttoa A, Harro J, Kõks S and Vasar E. (2013) Lsamp⁻/⁻ mice display lower sensitivity to amphetamine and have elevated 5-HT turnover. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 430(1): 413-8.

Innos J, Philips MA, Leidmaa E, Heinla I, Raud S, Reemann P, Plaas M, Nurk K, Kurrikoff K, Matto V, Visnapuu T, Mardi P, Kõks S and Vasar E. (2011) Lower anxiety and a decrease in agonistic behaviour in Lsamp-deficient mice. Behav Brain Res. 217(1): 21-31.

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