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Satja Mulej Bratec

Dr. Satja Mulej Bratec

GSN Alumna SS 2016


Phone: +49 (0)89 / 4140-4683

Further Information

Nationality: Slovenian

Topic of Thesis: Investigating the effect of emotion regulation on aversive emotional learning with fMRI

Supervisor: Dr. Christian Sorg


Xie X*, Mulej Bratec S*, Schmid G, Meng, C, Doll A, Wohlschläger A, Finke K, Förstl H, Zimmer C, Pekrun, R, Schilbach L, Riedl V and Sorg C (2016). How do you make me feel better: social cognitive emotion regulation and the default mode network. NeuroImage 134:270-280. *Equal contribution.

Doll A, Hölzel BK, Mulej Bratec S, Boucard CC, Xie X, Wohlschläger AM and Sorg C (2016). Mindful attention to breath regulates emotions via increased amygdala–prefrontal cortex connectivity. NeuroImage 134:305-313. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.03.041.

Mulej Bratec S, Xie X, Schmid G, Doll A, Schilbach L, Zimmer C, Wohlschläger A, Riedl V and Sorg C (2015). Cognitive emotion regulation enhances aversive prediction error activity while reducing emotional responses. NeuroImage 123:138–148.

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