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Tuba Oguz

Tuba Oguz, M.Sc.

GSN Alumna WS 12/13

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Odour Intensity Learning in Drosophila

Supervisor: Dr. Hiromu Tanimoto, Dr. Ayse Yarali

Nationality: Turkish


Mishra D, Chen YC, Yarali A, Oguz T and Gerber B. (2013) Olfactory memories are intensity-specific in larval Drosophila. J Exp Biol. 216: 1552-1560.

Appel M, Scholz CJ, Müller T, Dittrich M, Schauer T, Bockstaller M, Oguz T, Galili D, Margulies C, Tanimoto H and Yarali A. (submitted)

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