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Stefania Petricca

Dr. Stefania Petricca

GSN Alumna WS 15/16

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Transcription factor Pax6 regulates cell cycle progression and cell fate determination: the modular logic of complex transcriptional control

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz


Ninkovic J, Steiner-Mezzadri A, Jawerka M, Akinci U, Masserdotti G, Petricca S, Fischer J, von Holst A, Beckers J, Lie CD, Petrik D, Miller E, Tang J, Wu J, Lefebvre V, Demmers J, Eisch A, Metzger D, Crabtree G, Irmler M, Poot R and Götz M. (2013) The BAF Complex Interacts with Pax6 in Adult Neural Progenitors to Establish a Neurogenic Cross-Regulatory Transcriptional Network. Cell Stem Cell Volume 13, Issue 4, 3 October 2013, Pages 403–418.

Ninkovic J, Pinto L, Petricca S, Lepier A, Sun J, Rieger MA, Cvekl A, Favor J and Götz M. (2010) The transcription factor Pax6 regulates survival of dopaminergic olfactory bulb neurons via Crystallin alpha-A. Neuron 68: 682-694.

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