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Manuel Rausch

Dr. Manuel Rausch

GSN Alumnus SS 2016

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Content, granularity, and type 2 sensitivity of subjective measures of visual consciousness

Supervisor: PD Dr. Michael Zehetleitner

Nationality: German


Rausch, M., Müller, H. J., & Zehetleitner, M. (2015). Metacognitive sensitivity of subjective reports of decisional confidence and visual experience. Consciousness and Cognition. 35, 192-205. doi: 10.1016/j.concog.2015.02.011

Rausch, M., & Zehetleitner, M. (2014). A comparison between a visual analogue scale and a four-point scale as measures of conscious experience of motion. Consciousness and Cognition, 28, 126-140. doi: 10.1016/j.concog.2014.06.012

Zehetleitner, M. & Rausch, M. (2013). Being confident without seeing: What subjective measures of consciousness are about? Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 75, 1406-1426. doi: 10.3758/s13414-013-0505-2

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