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Arun Singh

Dr. Arun Singh

GSN Alumnus WS 11/12


Post-doc, Emory University, Atlanta

Further Information

Thesis title: Human basal ganglia recordings from implanted deep brain stimulation electrodes and the microlesion effect

Supervisor: PD Dr. Kai Bötzel

Nationality: Indian


Singh A, Plate A, Kammermeier S, Mehrkens JH, Ilmberger J and Bötzel K. (2012) Freezing of gait-related oscillatory activity in the human subthalamic nucleus. Basal Ganglia 3(1): 25-32. , online pub. 8 November 2012.

Singh A, Kammermeier S, Mehrkens JH and Bötzel K. (2012) Movement kinematic after deep brain stimulation associated microlesions. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 83(10): 1022-6.

Singh A, Mehrkens JH and Bötzel K. (2012) Effect of micro lesions of the basal ganglia on ballistic movements in patients with deep brain stimulation. J Neurol Sci 314(1-2): 175-7.

Singh A, Kammermeier S, Plate A, Mehrkens JH, Ilmberger J and Bötzel K. (2011) Pattern of local field potential activity in the globus pallidus internum of dystonic patients during walking on a treadmill. Exp Neurol. 232(2): 162-7.

Singh A, Levin J, Mehrkens JH and Bötzel K. (2011) Alpha frequency modulation in the human basal ganglia is dependent on motor task.Eur J Neurosci. 33(5): 960-7.