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Dr. Christian Webhofer

GSN Alumnus SS 2013

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Antidepressant activated biochemical pathways and biomarker candidates

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Walter Zieglgänsberger and Prof. Dr. Christoph Turck


Webhofer C, Zhang Y, Brusis J, Reckow S, Landgraf R, Maccarrone G, Turck CW and Filiou MD. (2013) 15N metabolic labeling: Evidence for a stable isotope effect on plasma protein levels and peptide chromatographic retention times. J Proteomics 88: 27-33.

Webhofer C, Gormanns P, Reckow S, Lebar M, Maccarrone G, Ludwig T, Pütz B, Asara JM, Holsboer F, Sillaber I, Zieglgänsberger W and Turck CW. (2013) Proteomic and metabolomic profiling reveals time-dependent changes in hippocampal metabolism upon paroxetine treatment and biomarker candidates. J Psychiatric Res 47(3): 289-98.

Filiou MD, Webhofer C, Gormanns P, Zhang Y, Reckow S, Bisle B, Teplytska L, Frank E, Kessler MS, Maccarrone G, Landgraf R and Turck CW. (2013) The 15N isotope effect as a means for correlating phenotypic alterations and affected pathways in a trait anxiety mouse model. Proteomics 12(15-16): 2421-7.

Webhofer C and Schrader M. Bioinformatical Tools for LC-MS/MS Analysis of Proteins and Peptides. Experimental Strategies for LC-MS Analysis of Proteins and Peptides. Letzel (eds). RSC publishing, 2011.

Webhofer C, Gormanns P, Tolstikov V, Zieglgänsberger W, Sillaber I, Holsboer F and Turck CW. (2011) Metabolite profiling of antidepressant drug action reveals novel drug targets beyond monoamine elevation. Transl Psychiatry 1: e58.

Zhang Y, Reckow S, Webhofer C, Boehme M, Gormanns P, Egge-Jacobsen W and Turck CW. (2011) Proteome scale turnover analysis in live animals using stable isotope metabolic labeling. Anal Chem 83(5): 1665-72.

Zhang Y, Webhofer C, Reckow S, Filiou MD, Maccarrone G and Turck CW. (2009) A mass spectrometry data search method for improved 15N-labeled protein identification. Proteomics 9(17): 4265-70.

Haegler K, Mueller NS, Maccarrone G, Hunyadi-Gulyas E, Webhofer C, Filiou MD, Zhang Y and Turck CW. (2009) QuantiSpec - Quantitative mass spectrometry data analysis of 15N-metabolically labeled proteins. J Proteomics 71(6): 601-8.

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