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David Franklin

Prof. Dr. David Franklin

Regular member MCN, GSN associate faculty


Associate Professor of Neuromuscular Diagnostics


Sport & Health Sciences
Technical University of Munich


Further Information

Research focus: Computational Motor Control, Sensorimotor control, Neuromechanics

Key words: Motor control, motor learning, impedance control, computational neuroscience, human, sensorimotor integration, robotics and virtual reality, modelling, controlled behavioural tasks

GSN students:

Selected publications:

Česonis J and Franklin DW (2020) Time-to-target explains task-dependent modulation of temporal feedback gain evolution. eNeuro 7(2): ENEURO.0514-19.2020

Yeo S-H, Franklin DW and Wolpert DM (2016) When optimal feedback control is not enough: feedforward strategies are required for optimal control with active sensing. PLoS Comp Biol 12(12): e1005190. doi:10.1371/journal. pcbi.1005190

Sheahan HR, Franklin DW and Wolpert DM (2016) Motor planning, not execution, separates motor memories. Neuron 92, 773-779

Franklin DW, Reichenbach A, Franklin S and Diedrichsen J (2016) Temporal evolution of spatial computations for visuomotor control. Journal of Neuroscience 36, 2329-2341

Howard IS, Wolpert DM and Franklin DW (2015) The value of the follow-through derives from motor learning depending on future actions. Current Biology 25: 397-401

Franklin DW and Wolpert DM (2011) Computational mechanisms of sensorimotor control. Neuron, 72: 425-442