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Nadine Lehnen

Prof. Dr. med. Nadine Lehnen

GSN associate faculty


Research Group Leader


University Hospital rechts der Isar,
Technical University of Munich
Department of Psychosomatic Medicine
and Psychotherapy
Langerstr. 3, 81675 München

Phone: +49 89 4140 4313
Fax: +49 89 4140 4845

Further Information

Research focus: We are interested in the mechanisms underlying functional symptoms, i.e. bodily complaints that greatly impact functioning, and quality of life, but are insufficiently explained by organic disease.

Using combined computational-experimental approaches we recently could, for the first time, provide evidence for the notion that dysfunctions in the CNS interaction between sensory input and expectations about the sensory consequences of one’s own actions play a role in the emergence and manifestation of these symptoms.

Keywords: Neurobiology of psychosomatic disease / computational and translational psychosomatics, sensorimotor gaze control, vestibular system

GSN Students: Lena Schröder

Selected publications:

N. Lehnen, L. Schröder, P. Henningsen, S. Glasauer, C. Ramaioli (2019). Deficient head motor control in functional dizziness: Experimental evidence of central sensory-motor dysfunction in persistent physical symptoms. Prog Brain Res. 249:385-400.

N. Lehnen, C. Ramaioli, N. S. Todd, K. Bartl, S. Kohlbecher, K. Jahn, E. Schneider (2017). Clinical and video head impulses: a simple bedside test in children. J Neurol. 264:1002-1004.

N. Lehnen, F. Heuser, M. Sağlam, C.M. Schulz, K.J. Wagner, M. Taki, E.F. Kochs, K. Jahn, T. Brandt, S. Glasauer, E. Schneider (2015). Opioid-Induced Nausea Involves a Vestibular Problem Preventable by Head-Rest. PLoS One. 10:e0135263.

M. Sağlam, S. Glasauer, N. Lehnen (2014). Vestibular and cerebellar contribution to gaze optimality. Brain. 137: 1080-94.

N. Lehnen, S. Glasauer, K. Jahn, K.P. Weber (2013). Head impulses in complete bilateral vestibular loss: catch-up saccades require visual input. Neurology. 81: 688-90.

M. Sağlam, N. Lehnen, S. Glasauer (2011). Optimal control of natural eye-head movements minimizes the impact of noise. J Neurosci. 31: 16185-16193.