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Ruben Portugues

Dr. Ruben Portugues

GSN associate faculty


MPI Neurobiology
Research Group - Motor Learning and Sensorimotor Integration
Am Klopferspitz 18
D-82152 Martinsried


Further Information

Research focus: Motor Learning and Sensorimotor Integration

Key words: Neurobiology, electrophysiology, imaging

GSN students

Current: Luigi Petrucco

Graduated: Dr. Elena Dragomir, Dr. Vilim Štih

Selected publications:

Portugues R, Feierstein CE, Engert F and Orger MB. (2014) Whole-brain activity maps reveal stereotyped, distributed networks for visuomotor behavior. Neuron 81 (6): 1328-1343.

Portugues R, Severi KE, Wyart C and Ahrens MB. (2013) Optogenetics in a transparent animal: circuit function in the larval zebrafish. Curr Opin Neurobiol 23: 119-126.

Ahrens MB, Li JM, Orger MB, Robson DN, Schier AF, Engert F and Portugues R. (2012) Brain-wide neuronal dynamics during motor adaptation in zebrafish. Nature 485: 471-477.

Valente A, Huang KH, Portugues R and Engert F. (2012) Ontogeny of classical and operant learning behaviors in zebrafish. Learn Mem 19: 170-177.

Portugues R and Engert F. (2011) Adaptive locomotor behavior in larval zebrafish. Front Syst Neurosci 5: 72.