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Ruth Ruscheweyh

PD Dr. Ruth Ruscheweyh

GSN associate faculty


Research group leader

Further Information

Research focus: Pain research

Keywords: Spinal nociception, descending pain inhibition, pain sensitivity, experimental pain testing, nociceptive flexor reflex, headache

GSN Students: Philipp Graeff

Selected publications:

Krafft S, Göhmann H-D, Sommer J, Straube A, Ruscheweyh R (2017) Learned control over spinal nociception in patients with chronic back pain. Eur J Pain. doi: 10.1002/ejp.1055.

Ruscheweyh R, Viehoff A, Tio J, Pogatzki-Zahn EM (2017) Psychophysical and psychological predictors of acute pain after breast surgery differ in patients with and without pre-existing chronic pain. Pain. doi: 10.1097/j.pain.0000000000000873.

Ruscheweyh R, Bäumler M, Feller M, Krafft S, Sommer J, Straube A (2015) Learned control over spinal nociception reduces supraspinal nociception as quantified by late somatosensory evoked potentials. Pain156:2505-13.

Straube A, Ellrich J, Eren O, Blum B, Ruscheweyh R (2015) Treatment of chronic migraine with transcutaneous stimulation of the auricular branch of the vagal nerve (auricular t-VNS): a randomized, monocentric clinical trial. J Headache Pain. 16:543.

Ruscheweyh R, Kühnel M, Filippopulos F, Blum B, Eggert T, Straube A (2014) Altered experimental pain perception after cerebellar infarction. Pain 155:1303-12.

Ruscheweyh R, Verneuer B, Dany K, Marziniak M, Wolowski A, Colak-Ekici R, Schulte TL, Bullmann V, Grewe S, Gralow I, Evers S, Knecht S (2012) Validation of the Pain Sensitivity Questionnaire in chronic pain patients. Pain 153:1210-8.

Ruscheweyh R, Deppe M, Lohmann H, Stehling C, Flöel A, Ringelstein EB, Knecht S (2011) Pain is associated with regional grey matter reduction in the general population. Pain 152:904-11.

Ruscheweyh R, Forsthuber L, Schoffnegger D, Sandkühler J (2007) Modification of classical neurochemical markers in identified primary afferent neurons with Aβ-, Aδ- and C-fibres after chronic constriction injury in mice. Journal of Comparative Neurology 502:325-336.

Ruscheweyh R, Ikeda H, Heinke B, Sandkühler S (2004) Distinctive membrane and morphological properties of rat spinal lamina I projection and unidentified neurons in vitro. Journal of Physiology 555: 527-543.