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Dr. Klaus Wunderlich

GSN associate faculty, associate member MCN


Emmy Noether Research group leader


LMU Munich
Department Psychology
Martiusstrasse 4
D-80802 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 2180-6927


Further Information

Research focus: Human decision making and learning Computational Psychiatry

Key words: Reinforcement learning, decision making, fmri, computational modelling, computational psychiatry

Current GSN students: Dian Anggraini, Yan Feng

Selected publications:

Wunderlich K, Dayan P and Dolan RJ. (2012) Mapping value based planning and extensively trained choices in the human brain. Nature Neuroscience, 15(5): 786-791.

Wunderlich K, Smittenaar P and Dolan RJ. (2012) Dopamine enhances model-based over model-free choice behavior. Neuron, 75: 418-24.

Wunderlich K, Symmonds M, Bossaerts P and Dolan RJ. (2011) Hedging your bets by learning reward correlations in the human brain. Neuron,71(6): 1141-52.

Wunderlich K, Rangel A and O'Doherty JP. (2010) Economic choices can be made using only stimulus values. PNAS, 107: 15005-1.

Wunderlich K, Rangel A and O'Doherty JP. (2009) Neural computations underlying action-based decision making. PNAS, 106: 17199-204.