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Simon Chang

Ph.D. student


Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry
Department of Stress Neurobiology and Neurogenetics
Kraepelinstr. 2-10
80804 Munich

Further Information

Supervisor: Dr. Jan Deussing

Topic of Thesis: Characterization of CRH/ CRH receptor neurocircuitries and their interaction with stress


Cai N*, Chang S*, Li Y*, Li Q, Hu J, Liang J, Song L, Kretzschmar W, Gan X, Nicod J, Rivera M, Deng H, Du B, Li K, Sang W, Gao J, Gao S, Ha B, Ho HY, Hu C, Hu J, Hu Z, Huang G, Jiang G, Jiang T,Jin W, Li G, Li K, Li Y, Li Y, Li Y, Lin YT, Liu L, Liu T, Liu Y, Liu Y, Lu Y, Lv L, Meng H, Qian P, Sang H, Shen J, Shi J, Sun J, Tao M, Wang G, Wang G, Wang J, Wang L, Wang X, Wang X, Yang H,Yang L, Yin Y, Zhang J, Zhang K, Sun N, Zhang W, Zhang X, Zhang Z, Zhong H, Breen G, Wang J,Marchini J, Chen Y, Xu Q, Xu X, Mott R, Huang GJ, Kendler K, Flint J. Molecular signatures of major depression.
Current Biology 2015 May 4;25(9):1146-56. *Co-first authors

Cai N, Li Y, Chang S, Liang J, Lin C, Zhang X, Liang L, Hu J, Chan W, Kendler KS, Malinauskas T, Huang GJ, Li Q, Mott R, Flint J. Genetic control over mtDNA and Its relationship to major depressive disorder. Current Biology 2015 Dec 21;25(24):3170-77.

Chang S*, Bok P, Sun C-P, Edwards A, Huang G-J. Neuropsin inactivation has protective effects against depressive-like behaviours and memory impairment induced by chronic stress. PLoS Genetics 2016; 12(10): e1006356. * First author