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Lina Willacker

Lina Willacker

Ph.D. student


German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders
Klinikum der Universität München
Marchioninistr. 15
81377 München

Further Information

Topic of Thesis: Higher vestibular processing

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Paul Taylor


Gögler, N., Willacker, L., Funk, J., Strube, W., Langgartner, S., Napiórkowski, N., Hasan,A., & Finke, K. (2016). Single-session transcranial direct current stimulation induces enduring enhancement of visual processing speed in patients with major depression. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 1-16.

Knorr, A. G., Willacker, L., Hermsdörfer, J., Glasauer, S., & Krüger, M. (2016). Influence of person-and situation-specific characteristics on collision avoidance behavior in human locomotion.

Boisgontier, M. P., Van Halewyck, F., Corporaal, S. H., Willacker, L., Van Den Bergh, V., Beets, I. A., Levin, O., & Swinnen, S. P. (2014). Vision of the active limb impairs bimanual motor tracking in young and older adults. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, 6, 320.

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