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Xiaoxiong Lin

Xiaoxiong Lin

Fast-track Ph.D. student

Further Information

Nationality: Chinese

Thesis topic: Population-level analysis of neural correlates of higher cognitive functions

Supervisor: Dr. Simon Jacob


Synchronization as a biological, psychological and social mechanism to create common time: a theoretical frame and a single case study. Y Bao, E Pöppel, L Wang, X Lin, T Yang, M Avram, J Blautzik, M Paolini, ...
PsyCh Journal 4 (4), 243-254

Subjective present: a window of temporal integration indexed by mismatch negativity. L Wang, X Lin, B Zhou, E Pöppel, Y Bao. Cognitive processing 16 (1), 131-135

Donders revisited: Discrete or continuous temporal processing underlying reaction time distributions? Y Bao, T Yang, X Lin, E Pöppel. PsyCh Journal 5 (3), 177-179

Aesthetic preferences for eastern and western traditional visual art: Identity matters. Y Bao, T Yang, X Lin, Y Fang, Y Wang, E Pöppel, Q Lei. Frontiers in Psychology 7

Scanning the world in three seconds: Mismatch negativity as an indicator of temporal segmentation. L Wang, Y Bao, J Zhang, X Lin, L Yang, E Pöppel, B Zhou. PsyCh Journal 5 (3), 170-176

Rubberband effect in temporal control of mismatch negativity. L Wang, X Lin, B Zhou, E Pöppel, Y Bao. Frontiers in Psychology 7

Subjective present: A window of temporal integration. L Wang, X Lin, B Zhou, Y Bao. COGNITIVE PROCESSING 16, S21-S21