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FAQs by PhD students about to finish

When should I start to file my paperwork?

You should make an appointment with the GSN coordinator well in advance of your planned submission date to check over your ECTS and coursework status, as well as to discuss details concerning thesis submission. The paperwork needed is also available under downloads. In general, you should plan in approximately 3-6 months from the date you turn in your thesis until the oral defence of your thesis.

What does the PhD thesis defense consist of?

The thesis defense is comprised of a public presentation (45 minutes) followed by Q & A (10 minutes) and a non-public ("closed") oral exam (30 - 60 minutes) with the examination committee.

What forms do I need to submit after my defense?

Within 1 year after your defense, you must turn in 6 additional copies and an electronic copy of your dissertation to the University Library.

If you do not meet this requirement, you will not be able to complete your PhD studies and will not receive your final degree certificate. You will receive confirmation of submission from the library, which you must present to the GSN office in order to receive your degree certificate.

How long after my defense until I receive my degree?

Final processing takes approximately 3 months. The GSN office will inform you as soon as your degree certificate is ready to be picked up.

What if I need proof of finishing before the LMU issues an offical degree?

The GSN coordinator can confirm that you have fullfilled your degree requirements.