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List of upcoming events and photos of past activities

GSN Culture Clubs

GSN Film club

When: approximately every two weeks, alternating Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Where: GSN seminar room (B00.051), ground floor, Biocenter
The films shown are not usually shown in mainstream cinemas, either because they are old or non-Hollywood (although there are exceptions). Some of the films screened in the past: Primer, World on a Wire, Grave of the Fireflies, Fantastic Mr. Fox, La Jeteé, Tokyo Story, L'Avventura, Andrei Rublev and Days of Heaven.
For more info contact Vilim Stih vilim.stih@campus.lmu.

Classical music events in Munich

For GSN students interested in classical music (or those who would like to discover it), a mailing list for concert recommendations has been set up. Munich has two world-class orchestras and frequent recitals by renowned soloists, offering events almost every week.

For more info contact Vilim Stih vilim.stih@campus.lmu.

Events 2017 / Past events 2016

The following events are upcoming. Be sure to contact Catherine Botheroyd ( in order to sign up!




  • Workshop "Speaking with confidence" by Pete Moore, 6-7 November.
  • Poster Workshop by Pete Moore, 8-9 November.
  • Industrial Visit to Morphosys, 10 November.
  • “Ven a bailar Salsa!!" - Worksho, 16 November.
  • Gender Equality Mini Symposium, 22 November.
  • Workshop in San Servolo “The Senses: Cross-species Perspectives from Science and Art”, 28 Nov-2 Dec.


  • Workshop "Good Scientific Practice", 30 November & 1 December.
  • Workshop "Grant Writing", 7-8 December.
  • Graduation Day, 15 December.
  • "Talking Science with Christof Koch", 20-21- December.

top Past events in 2016/2017:

Click on the activity to see photos from each event, below is a list of photo archives for past years. Note that all photo archives are password protected, GSN students and associates should contact Catherine Botheroyd for access information



  • Visit: Roche Diagnostics GmbH in Penzberg near Munich, 09 Dec.
  • GSN Graduation Day and 10-Year Anniversary, 25 Nov.
  • Workshop "Blitz review of wavelet convolution & phase-based connectivity analyses", 31 Oct. and Talk "Matrix analysis in neuroscience", 02 Nov. by Mike X Cohen, PhD
  • International Training in Academia and International Cooking Night, 28 Oct.
  • Alumni Talk by Daniel Nagel "Careers beyond Science", 20 Oct.
  • "Discussions on scientific practice - a meeting series with beer and pizza." Benedikt Grothe and Andreas Herz: "Conflicts of interest and research integrity", 18 Oct.
  • Orientation Week, 04-09 Oct.
  • Workshop San Servolo "Memory consolidation: Synapses, systems, philosophical implications", 28 Sept. - 04 Oct.
  • NEUROSPIN Retreat, 26-28 Sept.
  • GSN Rafting, 06 Aug.
  • GSN Retreat, 15-17 Jul.
  • MCN/GSN/BCCN/Amgen Summerparty with Bavarian dancing workshop, 11. Jul.
  • Workshop by Prof. Ole Paulsen, 27-28 Jun.
  • GSN München Stadtlauf, 26 Jun.
  • Talk, 20 Jun. and Workshop, 21 Jun. by Emily Cross
  • Visit Viktualienmarkt, 18 Jun
  • Photography Course with GSN faculty member Dr. Ali Ertürk, Part II - 1 Jun
  • Guided Tour: Hellabrunn Zoo, 20 May
  • Photography Course with GSN faculty member Dr. Ali Ertürk, Part I - 18 May
  • Visit Borst Lab, 11 May
  • Interview Week, 27 Apr. - 03 May
  • Talk, 25 Apr. and Workshop, 26 Apr. by Dr. Balazs Hangya: "Chronic electrophysiology combined with optogenetics"
  • Lisbon Scientific Excursion, 12-15 Apr.
  • Beer Brewing Seminar at Giesinger Brauerrei, 08 Apr.
  • Tour of Neurological Clinic with Prof. Marianne Dieterich, 06 Apr.
  • Kids' Brain Day, 11 Mar.
  • Cross Country Skiing, 13 Feb.