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Who we are: A Diversity Initiative by GSN students and faculty

Why it matters: Science is a very diverse environment, especially in the case of international graduate schools like the GSN. We believe that highlighting and addressing the unique challenges faced by scientists in underrepresented groups can remove some of the many obstacles that exist on a scientific career path. The lack of women in science is being addressed already, but other collectives such as racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or gender identity (not exclusively) are not being given as much attention.

How: We will add a structure in the GSN that acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of our community and is able to represent it better, to enhance the integration and support given to all the GSN students. We are setting up a panel of representatives to whom people could address questions and concerns in the matter of diversity, and get support and advice. These "diversity representatives" will supplement the academic, personal, and social support already provided by the GSN.

Events: For strengthening the community bonds, we have Happy Hour events every couple of months, featuring invited speakers with experience in relevant topics, and cool stuff to share.

Do you have any suggestions? Want to invite a speaker for the next Happy Hour? Want to collaborate?

Contact us:
Clara de la Rosa -
Danielle Paynter -

Diversity Management @LMU


Much like the LMU community, our graduate school is based on principles of diversity - from the interdisciplinarity of research to the flexibility of our teaching programs and the diversity of our members. Students, faculty, and administrators can all benefit from LMU's Diversity Management, which covers a number of facets: being family-friendly, gender equality, inclusion and participation, cultural diversity, and healthy university.

Delegated representatives of the university

The University has nominated representatives for specific tasks that fall outside the normal purview of its central administrative divisions.

Additionally, the GSN has a Women's Representative among its faculty and part of the Scientific Board: Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug.


Healthy universitygesunde-hochschule_1_1_format_m

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and your wellbeing is one of LMU Munich's core values. Keeping a healthy and happy community is the name of the game! That's why LMU has created programs that strengthen your individual resources.

Conflicts and Crises

wecare-lmuThe "WeCare@LMU" initiative supports students and employees to cope with crisis situations as well as psychological and personal challenges.

Dealing with conflict

Conflicts are not a seldom occurrence in teaching, study, and work environments. They are often caused by differences in needs and beliefs among the parties in conflict. In order to contribute to a respectful study and work environment, LMU, and GSN intrinsically, are committed to dealing with conflicts in a constructive manner.

Conflict officeers at LMU

GSN Ombudsman: Thomas Wachtler-Kulla

GSN Women's Representative: Conny Kopp-Scheinpflug


Student support services

LMU has a vast array of resources meant to advise you throughout your studies and enable you to do your absolute best. Reach out with questions concerning university life, private life and successfully balancing both.

Life in Munich

See our Life in Munich webpage for more details.

Funding opportunities

See our Funding webpage for more details.

Career services

Your career options: whether it's a career in academia or "out there“ in business or society, LMU offers excellent research conditions. Additionally, you can take advantage of the diverse range of qualification opportunities to build that perfect career.

LMU Gateway

New international doctoral candidates

LMU Gateway can help you if you are joining a structured doctoral program, completing an individual doctorate or conducting a short-term research stay at LMU Munich.

New academic staff

Assistance for new international academic staff and their families in all matters related to their relocation to Munich is provided through the central services offered by LMU Gateway.

Graduate Center LMU

The GraduateCenterLMU is the central coordination, advice and service unit for doctoral studies at LMU Munich. Their services are directed to the following target groups:

  • Graduates and Doctoral Candidates

In addition to general information and advice concerning doctorates at LMU Munich, it offers a wide range of qualification workshops, as well as funding opportunities like the LMU Travel Grant and LMU Completion Grant.

  • Supervisors and Coordinators

The GC offers information, advice, and support in the conception, implementation, and further development of structured doctoral programs. Furthermore, it provides funding options for doctoral events.

LMU Open Science Center (OSC)


GSNLMU and MCNLMU are both institutional members of the LMU Open Science Center, an interdisciplinary initiative with the mission to promote and foster open science practices at LMU Munich and beyond.