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Welcome to the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences!

Under the umbrella of the Munich Center of Neurosciences - Brain & Mind (MCN), the Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience (GSN) coordinates with a network of research groups to provide a stimulating environment for novel formulation of ideas and development of new concepts. Learn more!

Meet the GSN up-close!

The GSN introduces itself in a series of videos, from structure to faculty and its students, career perspectives and research areas. Meet our graduate school firsthand from a group of current and graduate students, as well as faculty members, who share their experiences at the GSN and celebrate 10 years from its establishment back in 2007.

Interested in a neuroscience course of study?

The Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences offers integrated programs of study, taking students from their bachelor to a master or doctoral degree. Its interdisciplinary Master and PhD programs are tuition free, entirely taught in English, and fully compatible with the ECTS grading system.

Wondering what neuroscience seminars are occurring this week?

Check the Munich Neuroscience Calendar for a listing of activities with a focus on neurosciences. The Calendar features announcements regarding talks, conferences and symposia, as well as other relevant events. Learn more about guests and upcoming events at renowned research institutions across and around Munich.

RTG 2175 - Perception in Context and its Neural Basis

The RTG combines expertise from multiple neuroscience disciplines into a training program for doctoral researchers working on contextual effects on sensory perception and their underlying neurophysiological basis. Learn more about the RTG's goals and find open Tandem Projects here.


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