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Implications of Research on the Neuroscience of Affect, Attachment, and Social Cognition

18 May and 19 May 2013; University College London, United Kingdom

Leading neuroscientists from Europe and the USA will once again host this unique forum exploring the latest neuroscience research with reference to treatments of mental disorders including autism, depression, personality disorders and attachment disorders as well as aspects of parenting and development.

This biannual conference attracted over 300 delegates in 2011 and is organised by the Research Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, UCL and The Anna Freud Centre, London.

There will be two separate sessions within this conference which will focus on a state of the art research and links to developmental and clinical perspectives on psychopathology:

  • Session One: Neuroscience of Affect and Attachment.
  • Session Two: Neuroscience of Social Cognition.


FENS-IBRO HERTIE Winter School 2013

We would like to inform you, that the call for scientific organisers of the HERTIE Winter School 2013 will open on Monday November 12th, 2012.

The FENS-IBRO HERTIE Winter School will be held in Obergurgl, Austria, December 8-15, 2013.

To apply, please, follow this link.

Applications must be submitted via the FENS-IBRO website only. The deadline for application is February 28, 2013, 24:00 CET.

FENS-IBRO European Neuroscience Schools Programme
Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) Berlin-Buch, Robert-Rössle-Str. 10, D-13092 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 9406 3336, Fax: +49 30 9406 2813

1st European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students

We would like to draw your attention on the 1st European Neuroscience Conference by Doctoral Students being held in Bordeaux at the 18th-19th of April 2013. This is a novel initiative aimed mainly at PhD students in neuroscience towards the end of their PhD or shortly afterwards.

The ENCODS is an endeavor to bridge the gap between increasingly diverging fields of neuroscience, covering molecules, circuits, behavior and computational modeling and novel tools in neuroscience, including cutting-edge microscopic techniques. The central aim of the ENCODS is to provide young neuroscientists a unique training opportunity with lectures by leading experts in the field, students presenting their results and discussing them in the scientific community, fostering international scientific exchange and collaborations already at an early stage of the career. The purpose is not only to improve the understanding of current research but more importantly to look into the future by asking what needs to be done next to advance our understanding of the brain.

Website, Flyer

LSM meets Industry

November 29, 2012 at 2 room B01.027 of the Biocenter in Martinsried

The Graduate School Life Science Munich invites all doctoral/PhD students and also interested Master students of the Campus Martinsried to join.


Society for Neuroscience School "Synaptic stress and pathogenesis of neuropsychiatric disorders"

March 24 - 30, 2013 in Bertinoro, Italy

The aim of the School will be to gather scientists involved in recent developments on the impact of behavioral stress and glucocorticoids on glutamate synapses, transmission and plasticity, to illustrate different methods and findings, and discuss how the molecular/cellular/functional effects of stress may trigger or precipitate neuropsychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, PTSD.

The impact of different behavioral stressors on cognitive/affective functions may vary depending on genetic background and on type, intensity, and timing of stress. The outcome of stress may range from plasticity enhancing effects, associated with improved cognition, to noxious effects, associated with impaired function or triggering of neuropsychiatric disorders. Read more...

To apply, please, follow this link.

Deadline for applications: December 14th, 2012, 24:00 CET

Applications must be submitted via the FENS-IBRO website only.