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Congratulations to Melanie Krüger, Amory Danek, and Tamara Lorenz!

After graduating from their PhD studies at the Graduate School of Systemic Neuroscience the three alumnae take on research fellowships and professorships


Here are their success stories so far:

Dr. Melanie Krüger received a research fellowship from the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung (Theme: "Influence of age-related changes in cognitive performance on motor control and learning", Funding Area: "Change your Viewpoint! Young researchers develop new ideas for a long and self-dependent life"). Starting April 2015, Melanie has been part of the School of Medicine, Division of Psychology at the University of Tasmania, working in the Jeff Summers Group (Cognitive and Motor Aging Laboratory). Melanie's family has joined her in the beautiful city of Hobart.


View from Mt. Nelson suburb in Hobart, Tasmania

Dr. Amory Danek obtained a DFG research fellowship and is now investigating on human problem solving and insight together with Prof. Jennifer Wiley, Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA. The topic of her present research is "Learning from insight – disentangling cognitive and affective components of the insight memory advantage". Amory's husband and two small daughters also joined her in the adventure.


Amory's daughter Clara at the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago

Starting January 2016, Dr. Tamara Lorenz is taking on an assistant-professorship with tenure track at the University of Cincinati, USA, Psychology Department. Additionally, Tamara si affiliated also with the Electrical und Mechanical Engineering Department at the same university.

Congratulations to all three for the inspiring achievements! We look forward to updates and great news!

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