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Congratulations to Fernando Cross Villasana, Ondrej Havlicek & Elisa Murenu !


The GSN is happy to announce the successful defense of

Fernando Cross Villasana who presented his thesis titled "The cortical aftereffects of dynamic handgrip and the role of the electroencephalographic alpha and theta bands before and during visuomotor performance", Thesis Supervisor Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann.

Ondrej Havlicek who presented his thesis titled "The Challenges of Investigating the Sense of Agency by Explicit and Implicit Methods", Thesis Supervisor Prof. Dr. Agniezska Wykowska.

Elisa Murenu who presented her thesis titled "Role of metabolism and epigenetics in forced and endogenous neurogenesis in vivo", Thesis Supervisor Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz.


Great work!