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GSN 2016 Munich Brain Course Award

Welcome to the participants supported by GSN-LMU!


The Munich Brain Course is a yearly event held every spring. Each course has several main topics, with additional presentations and hands-on dissections. This year's course takes place March 16th - 19th 2016 and focuses on spinal cord, cerebellum, and occipital lobe.

As a sponsor of the Munich Brain Course, the Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences at LMU Munich has selected 10 Bachelor and Master students, currently enrolled in life science or natural science degree programs outside of Germany, to participate in the 2016 course. 

Today we welcomed the 10 students to Munich and introduced them to the GSN-LMU and to our current students, of which 18 are joining them in the course.


Guest and GSN students at the info session before the course.

We wish all participants a wonderful time learning more about the brain, Munich, and the LMU!

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