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Two postdoc positions available

at the Optophysiology lab of Prof. Ilka Diester, Uni Freiburg


The Optophysiology lab ( focuses on investigating the underlying neural mechanisms and circuits of voluntary movement in rodents. To achieve that, recordings and optogenetic manipulations in freely behaving rodents are used. More details about the research projects can be found at

One of the postdoc positions is available for a Ph.D. with expertise in two-photon imaging and ideally patch-clamp recordings to participate in setting up and applying a state-of-the-art combined 2-photon microscope and patch-clamp recording setup for neuroscientific questions. Candidates with prior experience in studying neuronal activities in vivo, in brain slices or cell culture are encouraged to apply.

The second postdoc position will be divided in a technical part and a neurobiologically driven part. The tasks of the technical part will include the design of new optoelectronic devices as well as the setup of a real time feedback system and an interface with the behavioral set up. On the neurobiological side, measurements of neural activity and imposing it on neurons in distinct brain areas in trained rodents will be the core task.

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