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New course on 'Neuronal biophysics and neural computation'

held by Dr. Pepe Alcami this semester


GSN Faculty Member Dr. Pepe Alcami is teaching a seminar this semester on 'Neuronal biophysics and neural computation' (19655 on LSF).

The seminar will consist of student presentations on articles of their choice on the topic 'Neuronal biophysics and neural computation', which covers membrane biophysics to neuron and neural network modeling (from classics to more recent papers), that will be discussed critically.

Students can earn 3 ECTS for the course.

The seminar takes place this semester in person in the Neurobiology seminar room, 3rd floor in the Biozentrum, Martinsried, Tuesdays from 5 to 7 pm.

Interested students can email Dr. Pepe Alcami to join.

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