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News from GSN faculty members - Breathing and sleep

LMU neuroscientists have shown that breathing coordinates neuronal activity throughout the brain during sleep


"While we sleep, the brain is not switched off, but is busy with “saving” the important memories of the day. To achieve that, brain regions are synchronized to coordinate the transmission of information between them. Yet, the mechanisms that enable this synchronization across multiple remote brain regions are not well understood. Traditionally, these mechanisms were sought in correlated activity patterns within the brain. However, LMU neuroscientists Prof. Anton Sirota and Dr. Nikolas Karalis have now been able to show that breathing acts as a pacemaker that entrains the various brain regions and synchronizes them with each other."

Full story on LMU News.

Nikolaos Karalis, Anton Sirota: Breathing coordinates cortico-hippocampal dynamics in mice during offline states. Nature Communications 2022

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