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Munich Brain Day

We are excited to announce a new initiative of the Munich Center of Neurosciences – the first Munich Brain Day was held May 17th, 2023


This one-day event was held on May 17th, 2023, and aimed to bring the Munich neuroscience community together, fostering the exchange of ideas and catalyzing innovative interdisciplinary research.

The event raised the profile of early career scientists, with a particular emphasis on increasing diversity.

In addition to 20-minute short talks from 12 dynamic speakers, students and postdocs had the opportunity to present their work in a datablitz and poster session.

The event was held in the T-building at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Intelligence in Martinsried, starting at 9am. The day ended with a social event.

Lucrative prizes went to the best posters.mbd-poster

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