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Mindscapes Unveiled

Don’t miss the first art exhibition organized among the MSc & PhD students of the GSN-LMU, June 24th - July 7th, 2023


A few words from the organisers:

"We are all coming from different backgrounds and working on different research topics in the field of neuroscience, but we gathered upon the same interest - Art. Although the themes of each artist in this exhibition are very diverse, what still remains the same is that we all use art as a medium to express our thoughts and creativity. This event, thus, seeks to provide a platform to foster an environment where innovative thinking and creativity can flourish, and we hope to keep this exhibition event as an annual tradition for the GSN community."

Duration: 24.06.2023 - 07.07.2023

On June 24th, 2023 - at the GSN Graduation Ceremony - in the Audimax Foyer of the Biomedical Center (BMC), Großhadernerstr. 9, 82152 Planegg
Between June 25th - July 7th, 2023 - in front of the GSN seminar room, Foyer of the LMU Biocenter, Großhadernerstr. 2, 82152 Planegg

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