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The GSN introduces itself, from structure to faculty and its students.

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  • Brain works

    brain works

    The essential question in modern neurosciences is to understand how the human brain is functioning on all levels, from molecules to cognition. Davide and Qing talk about their MSc in Neurosciences at the GSN. more

  • Get to know the GSN


    Meet our school firsthand from a group of current and graduate students, as well as faculty members, who share their experiences at the GSN more

  • GSN Program Structure


    Learn more about the structure of the GSN programs from Benedikt Grothe (Program Director) and Lena Bittl (Program Coordinator) more

  • Research and Teaching at the GSN


    Our faculty present the research areas and teaching disciplines at the core of GSN more

  • Career Perspectives at GSN


    Get inspired by our alumni, who describe their experience within the GSN and how it has helped them prepare for a career more

  • GSN Social Life


    Students explain how being part of the GSN is belonging to a community, both academic as well as social. more