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Proteins - Building blocks of life

At the Center for Integrated Protein Science Munich (CIPSM), leading Munich-based scientists are developing a new kind of protein research. The focus of interest is on the role of proteins, which as central biological macro-molecules condition, among other things, the structure and function of all organisms. This necessitates research at different levels of complexity – from isolated proteins to proteins in the living organism. One emphasis at CIPSM is on research into protein dynamics. Modern techniques assist in observing proteins in living cells and in various types of tissue as well as in animals. Different related areas focus on the biophysical analysis of proteins, protein folding, the structure of protein complexes, the interaction of proteins with nucleic acids, the manipulation of protein functions and neurodegenerative illnesses. CIPSM has been established within the scope of the Excellence Initiative, a Germany-wide competition to promote top-level university research.