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GSN Publications 2006

Carpentier A, Galanaud D, Puybasset L, Muller JC, Lescot T, Boch AL, Riedl V, Cornu P, Coriat P, Dormont D and van Effenterre R. (2006) Early morphologic and spectroscopic magnetic resonance in severe traumatic brain injuries can detect “invisible brain stem damage” and predict “vegetative states”. J Neurotrauma 23(5): 674–85.

Leite-Panissi CR, Ferrarese AA, Terzian AL and Menescal-de-Oliveira L. (2006) Serotoninergic activation of the basolateral amygdala a and modulation of tonic immobility in guinea pig. Brain Res Bull 28;69(4): 356–64.