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Fast-track PhD program

The GSN offers the opportunity for especially qualified applicants holding a neuroscience related bachelor's degree to directly enter the PhD program. Students requiring preparatory training may be admitted to the fast-track PhD program. During the first two semesters of the fast-track program (preparatory year), students receive basic training in neuroscience, which is in close collaboration with the GSN master's programs (Neurosciences and Neurocognitive Psychology). A special advisory commission with permanent members formulates individual training objectives for the preparatory year and closely monitors the progress of all fast-track students. Personal mentors from the GSN faculty give additional individualized advice to students. After the preparatory year, the advisory committee together with the student decide whether the student should continue in the MSc or PhD track. Fast-track students must meet special requirements (see below) in order to stay in the program.

Prerequisites for the fast-track program



Detailed description of preparatory year modules and teaching contents. (Individual adaptations for fast-track students are possible)

Overview of PhD module work.

Requirements of a fast-track student to start the PhD project:

  • complete all modules successfully
  • achieve a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better in the preparatory year
  • affiliation to a research group for future PhD research project by the end of the preparatory year

Please note: The work load in this program is extremely high! In addition to the coursework, students are expected to start getting acquited with their future lab, thesis topic, and future research methods. Therefore the GSN offers financial support through a qualifying stipend during the preparatory year.