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Master of Science programs at the GSN

Basic and individual teaching in a dynamic and interdisciplinary scientific field

The essential question in modern neurosciences is to understand how the human brain is functioning on all levels, from molecules to cognition. In order to approach these questions, neuroscience researchers and thinkers develop and use a wide spectrum of experimental and analytical methods from a broad variety of disciplines. As the techniques and analyses are becoming more to being interdisciplinary, the increasing demand for academics with an interdisciplinary and integrative educational background is not suprising. Based on its strong history and today proficient expertise in neurosciences, Munich is by all measures worldwide one of the most important centers for neurosciences and thus, an important international site for interdisciplinary research and education in the field.

mcn brochure_enb_masterThe programs at the GSN provide basic and individual teaching concepts for master students with an educational background in neurosciences but also from other related fields such as life sciences, math, physics, computational sciences, engineering and also philosophy (which is unique in the field of neuroscience degree programs).

Master's programs affiliated with the GSN:

Master's Program in Neuroscience (ENB-initiated program)

ENB Master's Program in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology

logo_home_enbThe Neuro-Cognitive Psychology program is supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria (ENB). The ENB is a funding initiative by the state of Bavaria to promote new and innovative teaching programs, designed according to the Bologna principles, for highly qualified students at top facilities. The ENB also arranges for high quality soft skill courses for all their members and is closely linked to the Max-Weber Foundation.