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Adrian Danek

Prof. em. Dr. Adrian Danek

GSN core faculty


Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neurology


LMU Neurologische Klinik und Poliklinik
Cognitive Neurology
Marchioninistr. 15
D-81377 Munich

Website: Prof. em. Dr. Adrian Danek

Further Information

Keywords: Functional Neuroanatomy, Neurodegeneration, Bulk lipid transfer disorders, History of Neuroscience
Brief research description: Adrian Danek was Professor of Cognitive Neurology at the University of Munich until 2023 and is currently a member of the Research Group “Tools for Transnational Neuropsychiatric Research” (2023/2024) at the LMU Center for Advanced Studies ( Apart from his interest in cerebral structure-function relationships (, in particular in neurodegenerative dementia, another focus are the "bulk lipid transfer diseases" (earlier, and imprecisely, called "neuroacanthocytosis"), where he has contributed to gene identification of VPS13A disease (chorea-acanthocytosis; ChAc) and of XK disease (McLeod syndrome; MLS). The proteins involved have recently been recognized as members of a larger family of bridge-like lipid transfer proteins (BLTP). He serves as a trustee of the Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients ( Adrian Danek is also interested in the history of the neurosciences, particularly in the "Munich school" of Gudden´s, Alzheimer´s and the whole lot.

GSN PhD students: Dr. Max Schneider

Selected publications:

Danek A, Uttner I, Schöberl F (2023) Klinische Untersuchung der höheren Hirnleistungen: eine Kitteltaschenbroschüre. Kohlhammer, Stuttgart. ISBN 978-3-17-043054-9

Peikert K, Danek A (2023) VPS13 Forum Proceedings: XK, XK-related and VPS13 proteins in membrane lipid dynamics. Contact 6:25152564231156990.

Danek A, Rainer T, Della Sala S (2022) Ockham’s razor, not a barber’s weapon but a writer’s tool. Brain 145:1870–1873.

Koutsouleris N et al. (2022) Exploring links between psychosis and frontotemporal dementia using multimodal machine learning. JAMA Psychiatry 79:907-919 DOI 10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2022.2075

Halder T ... Danek A (2021) Living with global amnesia: self-established compensation strategies of a patient with severe memory impairment – a narrative report. Neurocase 27:287–296.