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Photo Surname, First name Function Lab, Institution Thesis Title
Marlly Achury Merchan Achury Merchan, Marlly Ph.D. student

Godinho Lab, TUM

Investigating visual circuit repair following injury in the zebrafish retina
Mayar Ali Ali, Mayar Ph.D. student Development and application of deep learning (AI) algorithms to analyse proteomics in transparent specimens
Almir Aljovic Aljovic, Almir Ph.D. student

Bareyre Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Alp Altunkaya Altunkaya, Alp Ph.D. student

Fenzl Lab, University Hospital rechts der Isar

Effect of subcortical fear processing on the development of POD under the influence of general anesthesia
London Aman Aman, London Fast-track Ph.D. student

Schmidt Lab, MPI Psychiatry

Deciphering the impact of stress exposure on anxiety regulation
Maria Antonova Antonova, Maria Ph.D. student

Scheuss Lab, LMU Munich

Neuronal circuit dysfunction in mouse models of psychiatric disease risk genes
Oriane Armand Armand, Oriane Ph.D. student

Deroy Lab, LMU Munich

Metacognition or value based choices
Eda Arslantas Arslantas, Eda Ph.D. student

Biel Lab, LMU Munich

Functional Role of HCN channels in brain circuits and its potential for gene therapeutical approaches
Sai Ayachit Ayachit, Sai M.Sc. student
Sabrina Babutzka Babutzka, Sabrina Ph.D. student
Paul Bandow Bandow, Paul Ph.D. student Imaging of state-dependent whole-brain activity in Drosophila melanogaster
Daniela Beckmann Beckmann, Daniela Ph.D. student

Kerschensteiner Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

In vivo analysis and therapeutic targeting of calcium-mediated axon degeneration in a multiple sclerosis model
Roman Belenya Belenya, Roman Ph.D. student
Miguel Bengala Bengala, Miguel M.Sc. Alumnus SS 2023, Ph.D. Student

MSc & PhD: Pecka Lab, LMU Munich

Ph.D: Modulation of spatial representations within the early auditory pathway by active sensing
Finja Berger Berger, Finja Ph.D. student

Ninkovic Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Regulation of Neuronal Fate Acquisition by Long Non-coding RNAs
Simon Besson-Girard Besson-Girard, Simon Ph.D. student
Josef Biber Biber, Josef Ph.D. student Targeting Müller cells for complement modulating gene addition therapy in a mouse model for Stargardt disease type 1
Linda Bistere Bistere, Linda Ph.D. student Neural mechanisms for socially guided vocal learning in zebra finches
Elena Bonke Bonke, Elena Ph.D. student

Koerte Lab, LMU Klinikum

Neuroimaging in Sport-Related Brain Injury
Bhargavi Keerthana Boovaraga Murthy Boovaraga Murthy, Bhargavi Keerthana Ph.D. student

Attardo Lab, Leibniz-Institut für Neurobiologie

Synaptic structural homeostatic mechanisms in the hippocampal CA1 region of live mice
Antonia Bose Bose, Antonia Ph.D. student

Riedl Lab, TUM

Tracking neuroenergetics of memory processing in the human brain
Kyle Brandon Brandon, Kyle M.Sc. student
Amalia Braun Braun, Amalia Ph.D. student

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Direction selectivity of motion sensitive T5 cells in Drosophila
Ronja Brinkmann Brinkmann, Ronja M.Sc. student
Merle Bublitz Bublitz, Merle Ph.D. Student Targeting of Alzheimer’s disease pathology with iPSC-derived microglia engineered to express Aβ-specific chimeric antigen receptors
Giorgia Bulli Bulli, Giorgia Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

The metabolic hurdles of direct neuronal reprogramming
Gian Marco Calandra Calandra, Marco Ph.D. student Functional and structural changes of transcallosal network after stroke
Carolina Cardoso Cardoso, Carolina Ph.D. student

Paquet Lab, ISD Munich

Development of hiPSC-derived Neurospheroid models of Alzheimer’s Disease
Olga Carofiglio Carofiglio, Olga Ph.D. student

Liesz Lab, ISD Munich

Mechanisms of chronic neuroinflammation after experimental stroke
Maryam Chahin Chahin, Maryam Ph.D. student The impact of repetitive mild TBI on synapse removal involving glial cells, in interconnection with the inflammatory response
Lingyue Chen Chen, Lingyue Ph.D. Student

Shi Lab, LMU Munich

Intentional Binding and Time Illusion
Hongbiao Chen Chen, Hongbiao Ph.D. student

Jacob Lab, TUM

Neuro-dynamic mechanisms of cognitive flexibility at the cellular and microcircuit level in human dorsolateral prefrontal cortex
Kyrania Kaarina Christofi Christofi, Kyrania Kaarina Ph.D. student

Cappello Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

The crosstalk mediated by non-neuronal cell types in neurodevelopment and disease
Giuliana Ciccopiedi Ciccopiedi, Giuliana Ph.D. student

Kiebler Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

The role of RNA-binding proteins in direct astrocyte-to-neuron reprogramming
Daniela Cimino Cimino, Daniela Ph.D. student
Giacomo Costalunga Costalunga, Giacomo Ph.D. student

Vallentin Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Neural circuits of sleep and singing in birds
Davide Crombie Crombie, Davide Ph.D. student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

State-dependent stimulus processing in the mouse dLGN
Ioanna Damkou Damkou, Ioanna Ph.D. student

Simons Lab, TUM & DZNE Munich 

Adaptive myelination in adulthood and after demyelinating injury
Angelika Dannert Dannert, Angelika Ph.D. student

Paquet Lab, ISD Munich

Elucidating the role of Tau isoform expression in human iPSC-derived Tauopathy models
Clara de la Rosa del Val de la Rosa del Val, Clara Ph.D. student

Kerschensteiner Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Functional regulation of adaptive and innate immune cells in animal models of Multiple Sclerosis
Jannis Denecke Denecke, Jannis Ph.D. student

Ewers Lab, ISD Munich

Investigating the brain mechanisms that underlie cognitive resilience in neurodegenerative diseases
Ece Gökçe Doğu Doğu, Ece Gökçe M.Sc. student
Christopher Douthwaite Douthwaite, Christopher Ph.D. student

Liebscher Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Hippocampal-medial prefrontal cortex circuitry in NMDA encephalitis
Carolina Duro Duro, Carolina Ph.D. student

Keays Lab, LMU Munich

The role of MAST3 in neurodevelopment and its influence in disease
Katharina Eisenhut Eisenhut, Katharina Ph.D. student

Thaler Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Linking neuroinflammation to neurodegeneration in GAD65 antibody associated neurological disorders
Panagiotis Eleftheriadis Eleftheriadis, Panagiotis M.Sc. student
Ioanna Emmanouilidis Emmanouilidis, Ioanna Ph.D. student

Misgeld Lab, TUM

Molecular regulation of axonal membrane resealing
Samira Epp Epp, Samira Ph.D. student
Jamal Esmaily Sadrabadi Esmaily Sadrabadi, Jamal Ph.D. student

Bahrami Lab, LMU Munich

Interpersonal communication of uncertainty and human brain
Jule Filler Filler, Jule Ph.D. student

Dichgans Lab, ISD Munich

Predictors for cognitive impairment and dementia after stroke
Johannes Finnstein Finnstein, Johannes Ph.D. student

Binder Lab, MPI of Psychiatry

Yun Wai Foo Foo, Yun Wai M.Sc. student
Michael Forsthofer Forsthofer, Michael Ph.D. student

Straka Lab, LMU Munich

Visuo-vestibular plasticity of extraocular motor responses in Xenopus tadpoles
Simon Frerich Frerich, Simon Ph.D. student
Małgorzata Frydrych Frydrych, Małgorzata M.Sc. student
Rafael Fuchs Fuchs, Rafael Ph.D. student

Hartmann Lab, LMU Munich

The Argumentative Mind: how reasons are generated and represented by individual and collective cognitive agents
Jonathan Gant Gant, Jonathan Fast-Track Ph.D. student

Młynarski Lab, LMU Munich

A Theory of Behaviorally Modulated Sensory Coding
Antoneta Gavoci Gavoci, Antoneta Ph.D. student

Misgeld Lab, TUM

Intrinsic determinants of developmental axon pruning
Rebecca Geiselmann Geiselmann, Rebecca Ph.D. student
Maren Giersiepen Giersiepen, Maren Ph.D. student

Schütz-Bosbach Lab, LMU Munich

Affective Grounding of Sense of Agency and Action Regulation
Cristina Gil Ávila Gil Ávila, Cristina Ph.D. student

Ploner Lab, TUM

EEG biomarkers of chronic pain
Elena Gilewskaia Gilewskaia, Elena Fast-track Ph.D. student Checkpoints of visual circuit repair after acute retinal cell injury
Carlos Manuel Gomez Guzman Gomez Guzman, Carlos Manuel Ph.D. student

Vallentin Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

(Sub)cortical mechanisms of zebra finch call interactions
Judit Gonzalez-Gallego Gonzalez-Gallego, Judit Ph.D. student

Dichgans Lab, ISD Munich

Functional Exploration of Foxf2, a risk gene for cerebral small vessel disease
Garyfallia Gouna Gouna, Garyfallia Ph.D. student

Simons Lab, ISD Munich

How peripheral and brain lipid buffering affects remyelination and neurodegeneration
Vanessa Granja Burbano Granja Burbano, Vanessa Ph.D. student
Bernhard Groschup Groschup, Bernhard Ph.D. student

Plesnila Lab, ISD Munich

The role of GABA in astrocytic energy metabolism
Zeynep Irem Günes Günes, Zeynep Irem Ph.D. student
Reema Gupta Gupta, Reema Ph.D. student

Wachtler-Kulla Lab, LMU Munich

Comprehensive management of complex data from NHP brain network studies
Stefan Hajduk Hajduk, Stefan M.Sc. student
Aicha Haji Ali Haji Ali, Aicha Fast-track Ph.D. student

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Investigating visual circuit repair following injury in the zebrafish retina
Amalya Hakobyan Hakobyan, Amalya Ph.D. student

Scheuss Lab, LMU Munich

Multielectrode recordings and data analysis in human iPSC derived 3D-brain cultures
André Hechler Hechler, André Ph.D. student

Riedl Lab, TUM

Quantitative oxygen imaging and visual information rate in the human brain
Patrick Heisterkamp Heisterkamp, Patrick Ph.D. student

Keays Lab, LMU Munich

Exploring the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying MAST1-associated Mega-Corpus Callosum syndrome
Camillo Heye Heye, Camillo M.Sc. student
Samantha Ho Ho, Samantha Ph.D. student
Laura Hofmann Hofmann, Laura Ph.D. student

Lichtenthaler Lab, DZNE Munich

Regulation of A disintegrin and metalloproteinase (ADAM) family sheddases ADAM17 and ADAM10: Two Enzymes associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and the role of iRhom2 and Tspan14
Victoria Hohendorf Hohendorf, Victoria Ph.D. student
Nikolai Hörmann Hörmann, Nikolai Ph.D. student

Borst Lab, MPI For Biological Intelligence

Dendritic integration of motion-sensing neurons in Drosophila
Shuhong Huang Huang, Shuhong Fast-track Ph.D. student
Matilde Iraci Borgia Mandolini Iraci Borgia Mandolini, Matilde Ph.D. student
Pablo Izquierdo Ayala Izquierdo Ayala, Pablo Fast-track Ph.D. student

Alcami Lab, LMU Munich

Shenyi Jiang Jiang, Shenyi Ph.D. student
Johannes Kappel Kappel, Johannes Ph.D. student

Baier Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

The neural basis of visually guided social affillation
Thamari Neranjana Kapuruge Kapuruge, Thamari Neranjana Ph.D. student

Keays Lab, LMU Munich

Molecular Architecture of a Magnetic Circuit in Pigeons
Nina Karguth Karguth, Nina Ph.D. student

Becirovic Lab, LMU Munich

Epigenome editing and analysis for gene therapy and species evolution
Sarina Karmacharya Karmacharya, Sarina Ph.D. student
Özüm Karpat Karpat, Özüm M.Sc. student
Tuğberk Kaya Kaya, Tuğberk Ph.D. student
Valerija Kello Kello, Valerija Ph.D. student
Shreya Khanal Khanal, Shreya Ph.D. student
Johannes Kleiner Kleiner, Johannes Ph.D. student Mathematical Consciousness Science
Zeynep Ilgin Kolabas Kolabas, Zeynep Ilgin Ph.D. student
Nina-Alisa Kollakowski (neé. Hinz) Kollakowski (neé. Hinz), Nina-Alisa Ph.D. student

Paulus Lab, LMU Munich

Parent-infant interaction as a cradle of the development of the active self
Ann Kotkat Kotkat, Ann Ph.D. student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Visual Processing of feedforward and feedback signals in mouse dLGN
Joseph Kroeger Kroeger, Joseph Ph.D. student

Paquet Lab, ISD Munich

Examining the Role of COL4A1 Mutations in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Using a Human iPSC-Derived Model of the Neurovascular Unit
Anna Kryshtal Kryshtal, Anna M.Sc. student
Merve Kutlu Kutlu, Merve Ph.D. student

Staudigl Lab, LMU Munich

Electrophysiological correlates of memory consolidation during sleep in humans
Gülce Lale Lale, Gülce M.Sc. student
Fabio Laredo Laredo, Fabio Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Direct reprogramming of oligodendrocyte precursor cells into functional neurons in vitro and in vivo
Pui Shee Lee Lee, Pui Shee Ph.D. student

Godinho Lab, TUM

Investigating the assembly of interneuron circuits in the developing zebrafish retina
Zarah Le Houcq Corbi Le Houcq Corbi, Zarah Ph.D. student
Alena Lemazina Lemazina, Alena Ph.D. student

Gahr Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Neuronal coding and control of vocalizations in birds under naturalistic conditions
Maria Bianca Leonte Leonte, Maria Bianca PhD student

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Uwe Lewin Lewin, Uwe Ph.D. student
Yiling Li Li, Yiling Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

The dual switch of a transcription factor during neurodevelopment
Xiaoxiong Lin Lin, Xiaoxiong Ph.D. student
Hanneke MacLaren MacLaren, Hanneke Fast-track Ph.D. student
Inara Makhkamova Makhkamova, Inara Ph.D. student

Schenk Lab, LMU Munich

Virtual-reality based training for patients with homonymous hemianopia
Ananya Mandal Mandal, Ananya Ph.D. student

Liesefeld Lab, LMU Munich

Guidance and distraction of spatial attention by visual and auditory events in complex audio-visual scenes
Oskar Markkula Markkula, Oskar GSN M.Sc. Alumnus SS 2021, Ph.D. student

Kopp-Scheinpflug Lab, LMU Munich

MSc: The role of CRF family neuropeptides in spontaneous release frequency and evoked release synchrony in the mouse Calyx of Held synapse PhD: Role of Ion Channels - From Misfiring to Misfolding
Maria Martinez Reza Martinez Reza, Maria Ph.D. student, GSN Student Representative

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying circuit integration in neuronal replacement
Ylenia Mastrodicasa Mastrodicasa, Ylenia Ph.D. student, GSN Student Representative
Julia Mayer Mayer, Julia M.Sc. student
Yifan Mayr Mayr, Yifan Ph.D. student

Yakushev Lab, TUM

Neural substrates of brain connectivity in health and schizophrenia
Matthew McCann McCann, Matthew Ph.D. student

Bonhoeffer Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Visual contextual factors affecting prey capture and its neural representation in the mouse
Courtney McQuade McQuade, Courtney Ph.D. student
Florencia Merino Merino, Florencia Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Nika Merkuš Merkuš, Nika M.Sc. student
Lukas Meyerolbersleben Meyerolbersleben, Lukas GSN M.Sc. Alumnus, Ph.D. Student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

MSc: Using optogenetic manipulation of parvalbumin interneurons to probe encoding of luminance and contrast in the mouse visual system PhD: Thalamocortical communication in time and space
Milena Mihovilovic Mihovilovic, Milena Ph.D. student Brain activity in encoding and retrieval of explicit spatial memory
Maria-Teresa Mühlhofer Mühlhofer, Maria-Teresa Ph.D. student Role of legumain in FTLD and processing of progranulin
Michaela Müller Müller, Michaela Ph.D. student

Pecka Lab, LMU Munich

Characterization of single cell activity in response to acoustical and electrical click trains in the AVCN
Neetash Mysuru Rajagopalachari Mysuru Rajagopalachari, Neetash Ph.D. student

Vallentin Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Vocal development in zebra finches: Development of call production and vocal turn-taking behavior
Poornemaa Natarajan Natarajan, Poornemaa Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Manipulation of astrocytic fate determants for efficient in vivo reprogramming
Mehul Nimpal Nimpal, Mehul M.Sc. student
Klara Tereza Novoselc Novoselc, Klara Tereza Ph.D. student

Ninkovic Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Metabolic control of glial reaction to brain injury
Hanseul Oh Oh, Hanseul PhD student, GSN MSc Alumna WS 2022

MSc: Bareyre Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

PhD: Meinke Lab, LMU Klinikum

MSc: Activity-dependent Circuit Reorganisation in Mice after the Spinal Cord Injury and Rehabilitation PhD: Exploring Cas-13-mediated DMPK-knockdown as a Potential Novel Treatment Approach for Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1
Sara Pagella Pagella, Sara Ph.D. student
Nicola Palandt Palandt, Nicola Ph.D. student

Kunz Lab, LMU Munich

Metabolic cost and adaptions to neuronal activity
Danielle Paynter Paynter, Danielle Ph.D. student

Hübener Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Ida Pesämaa Pesämaa, Ida Ph.D. student

Haass Lab, LMU Munich & DZNE Munich

Verena Peterreins Peterreins, Verena Ph.D. student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Cortico-subcortical interactions via the thalamic reticular nucleus for visual adaptive sensing
Kelsey Pinkham Pinkham, Kelsey Fast-track Ph.D. student Microglial dysfunction due to altered lipid metabolism after stroke
Nadezhda Pirogova Pirogova, Nadezhda Ph.D. student

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Temporal processing of visual input in medulla interneurons of Drosophila
Anastasia Polách Polách, Anastasia M.Sc. student
Miranda-Cristina Popescu Popescu, Miranda-Cristina M.Sc. student
Arpit Kumar Pradhan Pradhan, Arpit Kumar Ph.D. student

Rammes Lab, TUM Klinikum r. d. Isar

Impact of activation of translocator protein on Aβ-induced synaptotoxic effects with a focus on learning and memory related process
Ot Prat Prat, Ot Ph.D. student Representations of visual luminance stimuli in the larval zebrafish cerebellum
Natália  Prudente de Mello Prudente de Mello, Natália Ph.D. student

Perocchi Lab, Helmholtz Center Munich

Systemic characterisation of functional links between metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases
Matteo Puglisi Puglisi, Matteo Ph.D. student

Götz Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Neuronal replacement strategies: integrations of new neurons into neurodegenerating circuits
Yanran Qiu Qiu, Yanran M.Sc. student
Swathi Radha Radha, Swathi Ph.D. student
Ananya Ananth Rao Rao, Ananya Ananth M.Sc. student
Vijayaditya Ray Ray, Vijayaditya Ph.D. student
Marvin Reich Reich, Marvin Ph.D. student

Haass Lab, DZNE Munich

Rescue of FTD-PGRN via a brain penetrant biotherapeutic
Kate Rendall Rendall, Kate M.Sc. student
Ali Rezaei Rezaei, Ali Ph.D. student

Edbauer Lab, DZNE Munich

Zahra Rezazadeh Rezazadeh, Zahra Ph.D. student
Alessio Ricci Ricci, Alessio Ph.D. student

Liesz Lab, ISD Munich

Clemens Ries Ries, Clemens Ph.D. student

Deussing Lab, MPI for Psychiatry

The CRH/CRHR1 System in NG2 Glia: Characterization, Functionality and Role in Brain Pathologies
Sophie Robinson Robinson, Sophie Ph.D. student
Daniela Rodriguez Manrique Rodriguez Manrique, Daniela Ph.D. student

Kathrin Koch Lab, TUM Klinikum r. d. Isar

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on response inhibition and neuronal activity in obsessive-compulsive disorder
Matteo Rovere Rovere, Matteo Ph.D. student

Haass Lab, DZNE Munich

Molecular pathology of the S209F Abi3 AD risk variant in iPSC-derived models of endothelial and microglial dysfunction
Avleen Sahni Sahni, Avleen Ph.D. student

LMU Munich

Eleni Samara Samara, Eleni Ph.D. student

Borst Lab, MPI for Biological Intelligence

Receptor diversity in cholinergic and GABAergic synapses in Drosophila
Julia Schaefer Schaefer, Julia Ph.D. student

Staudigl Lab, LMU Munich

Understanding memory and navigation from a behavioural and electrophysiological perspective
Cornelia Gabriele Schirmer Schirmer, Cornelia Gabriele M.Sc. student
Lennart Schlaphoff Schlaphoff, Lennart Ph.D. student

Simons Lab, DZNE Munich

The role of lipid metabolism in the ependymal cell layer of the brain
Parthena Schneider-Soupiadis Schneider-Soupiadis, Parthena Ph.D. student

Zwergal Lab, LMU Klinikum

Lesion-induced plasticity of the amphibian brain
Felix Schneider-Soupiadis Schneider-Soupiadis, Felix Ph.D. student

Busse Lab, LMU Munich

Locomotion dependent neural processing in thalamo-cortico-thalamic circuits
Alicia Schowe Schowe, Alicia Ph.D. student

Binder Lab, MPI of Psychiatry

Unraveling epigenetic alterations in relation to certain (stressful) life events
Felix Schrader Schrader, Felix Ph.D. student

Wachtler-Kulla Lab, LMU Munich

Saccadic Remapping of Color Context
Luise Schröger Schröger, Luise Ph.D. student

Dichgans Lab, ISD Munich

Effect of DOCA-induced hypertension in genetic mouse models of cerebral small vessel disease - exploring the 'second hit' hypothesis
Veronika Schwarz Schwarz, Veronika Ph.D. student
Werner Seitz Seitz, Werner Ph.D. student
Arash Shahidi Shahidi, Arash Fast-track Ph.D. student

Sirota Lab, LMU Munich

Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Wide-Scale Cortical Local Field Potential
Amey Sunil Shenoy Shenoy, Amey Sunil Ph.D. student

Portugues Lab, TUM

Francesca Simonetti Simonetti, Francesca Ph.D. student Molecular mechanisms of TDP-43 / Tau co-pathology and cellular TDP-43 uptake
Mihai Stancu Stancu, Mihai Ph.D. student

Kopp-Scheinpflug Lab, LMU Munich

Activity denpendend modulation of axonal function
Anna Steward Steward, Anna Ph.D. student

Franzmeier Lab, ISD Munich

Functional Connectivity in Alzheimer's disease
Fabián Štoček Štoček, Fabián Ph.D. student

Sirota Lab, LMU Munich

Sensorimotor integration in virualent Using Ratcave
Yannan Su Su, Yannan Ph.D. student
Ekaterina Sytnik Sytnik, Ekaterina Ph.D. student

Leibold Lab, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Hippocampal signals of Sound location
Ge Tang Tang, Ge Ph.D. student

zu Eulenburg Lab, DSGZ, LMU Klinikum

Delineate biological features of long-duration exposure to microgravity in longitudinal neuroimaging data from astronauts and cosmonauts
Laurin Teich Teich, Laurin Ph.D. student

Grothe Lab, LMU Munich

Development of Globular Bushy Cell Axons in Organotypic Slice Cultures
Vini Tiwari Tiwari, Vini Ph.D. student
Alyssa Torske Torske, Alyssa Ph.D. student

Kathrin Koch Lab, Klinikum r. d. Isar

Stress as a mediator of overeating and the effectiveness of mindfulness training as an intervention strategy
Shao-Yang Tsai Tsai, Shao-Yang Ph.D. student
Emily Melisa Ullrich Gavilanes Ullrich Gavilanes, Emily Melisa Ph.D. student

Kerschensteiner Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Mechanisms of phagocytic synapse removal in a model of grey matter inflammation
Kosisochukwu Umeasalugo Umeasalugo, Kosisochukwu Ph.D. student

Plesnila Lab, ISD Munich

Therapeutic potential of progesterone after traumatic brain injury
Anna Umurzakova Umurzakova, Anna M.Sc. student
Alexandra Catalina Vilceanu Vilceanu, Alexandra Catalina Ph.D. student

Keays Lab, LMU Munich

Exploring novel genetic causes of developmental encephalopathies - a focus on MAST2
Dina von Werder von Werder, Dina Ph.D. student

Lehnen Lab, TUM Klinikum r. d. Isar

Altered interaction between prior and sensory input in patients with functional symptoms
Annika Wagener Wagener, Annika Ph.D. student

Burbulla Lab, DZNE & LMU Munich

The Role of DJ-1 in Astrocyte-Neuron Crosstalk in Parkinson’s Disease
Xuanyu Wang Wang, Xuanyu GSN MSc Alumnus SS 2021, Ph.D. Student

Jacob Lab, TUM

MSc: Contribution of bursting neural activity on the mesoscopic- and microscopic-level to working memory coding in primate prefrontal cortex PhD: Temporal structure in prefrontal cognitive functions and neuronal signaling
Jiashun Wang Wang, Jiashun Fast-track Ph.D. student
Miao Wang Wang, Miao M.Sc. student
Inanna Warnhoff Warnhoff, Inanna Ph.D. Student

Scheuss Lab, Biomedical Center Munich

Mechanisms of neuronal circuit plasticity during learning and recovery from disease
Harry Waterstone Waterstone, Harry Ph.D. student
Adinda Wens Wens, Adinda Ph.D. student

Biomedical Center Munich

Characterization and Mechanistic Analysis of Dendrite Pathology in the Spinal Cord
Anna Winkler Winkler, Anna Ph.D. student

Michalakis Lab, LMU Munich

Identification and characterisation of potential interaction partners of the TET3 methylcytosine dioxygenase in a neural context (retina and brain)
Jianping Wu Wu, Jianping Ph.D. student

Simons Lab, TUM & DZNE Munich

Molecular mechanisms underlying CNS myelin development
Mustafa Yavuz Yavuz, Mustafa Ph.D. student

Deroy Lab, LMU Munich

Cognitive Basis of Joint-Perception
Hamed Yeganegi Yeganegi, Hamed Ph.D. student

Luksch Lab, TUM

Sleep and memory consolidation in songbird
Yuk-Hoi Yiu Yiu, Yuk-Hoi Ph.D. student
Joshua Yudice Yudice, Joshua Ph.D. student

Glasauer Lab, LMU Klinikum

Understanding the role of magnitude estimation in navigation