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The GSN Alumni Club

The primary aims of the GSN Alumni Club are:

  • Networking: Set up a network for all former GSN students (alumni).
  • Mentoring: Give advice to current students on their PhD/Master projects, provide feedback and offer support when issues arise.
  • Career development: Provide information on career possibilities, such as talks about current jobs.

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Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Role of STIM proteins in mGluR1/TRPC3-dependent signaling in cerebellar Purkinje cells"

Dian Anggraini

Dr. Dian Anggraini

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Klaus Wunderlich & Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, Decision in Space: Reinforcement Learning Models Predict Individual Differences in and Neural Correlates of Strategy Adoption during Spatial Navigation

Efsun Annac

Dr. Efsun Annac

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

PD. Dr. Thomas Geyer & Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Bi-directional relationship between attention and long-term context memory"

Dr. Sepiede Azghandi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

PD Dr. Christof Haffner, "Effect of HDAC9 Deficiency on Atherosclerosis and Stroke"

Dr. Matilde Balbi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila, "Regulation of cerebral blood flow in health and disease"

Aarathi Balijepalli

Dr. Aarathi Balijepalli

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Role of EphA4 in Spinal Circuits Controlling Locomotion"

Roberto Banchi

Dr. Roberto Banchi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

MSc Thesis: "Morpho-physiological Organization of vestibulo-ocular reflex behaviour in Axolotl"

PhD Thesis: Prof. Hans Straka, "Role of locomotor corollary discharges in sensory-motor integration in Xenopus laevis and Ambystoma mexicanum"

Martin Bartels

Dr. Martin Bartels

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Armin Giese, "Establishment of Novel Cell Culture Models of Parkinson´s Disease to Study Formation, Modulation, and Toxicity of α-Synuclein Oligomers"

Philipp Bastians

Dr. Philipp Bastians

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Moritz Helmstaedter, "Comparative cortical connectomics: three-layered cortex in mouse and turtle"

Ebru Baykara

Dr. Ebru Baykara

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

PD. Dr. Marco Düring, Imaging markers of cerebral small vessel disease

Albert Berman

Albert Berman, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"The effect of Methyphenidate on functional resting state connectivity in healthy adult subjects"

Sarah Berner

M.Sc. Sarah Berner

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Developmental Profile of the Cholernegic Modulation in the Auditory Breinstream"

Dr. Francesca Bocca

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Paul Taylor, "Combined TMS-EEG Studies of Visual Attention"

Renee Marie Bogdanovic

Renee Marie Bogdanovic, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Effects of endocannabinoid system modulator JZL 184 in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy"

Maximilian Bothe

Dr. Maximilian Sebastian Bothe

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Harald Luksch, Sensory processing in the infrared pathway of the western diamondback rattlesnake, Cortalus atrox

Claudia Brem

M.Sc. Claudia Brem

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"An Analytical Treatment of the Reichardt Detector Response to Moving Egdes"

Wolfgang Bywalez

Dr. Wolfgang Bywalez

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Veronica Egger, "Physiology of rodent olfactory bulb interneurons"

Siyi Chen

Dr. Siyi Chen

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

PD. Dr. Markus Conci, "Object completion effects in attention and memory"

Susu Chen

Susu Chen, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Development and optimization of algorithms for EM image processing"

Kiri Anne Couchman

Dr. Kiri Anne Couchman

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Receptor and Synapses in the MSO"

Fernando Cross Villasana

Dr. Fernando Cross Villasana

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann, "The cortical aftereffects of dynamic handgrip and the role of the electroencephalographic alpha and theta bands before and during visuomotor performance"

Luigi Cuturi

Dr. Luigi Cuturi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Paul MacNeilage, "Intrinsic and Induced Biases in Self-Motion Perception"

Nisha Dalal

Dr. Nisha Dalal

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Cortico-hippocampal activations for high entropy visual stimulus: an fMRI perspective"

Dana Darmohray

Dana Darmohray, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"The effects of attention modulation on reward processing"

Anna Dietze

M.Sc. Anna Dietze

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Psychophysical Measurements of Temporal Integration Effects in Cochlear Implant Users

MSc. Cristiana Dimulescu

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Multisensory Integration: A Brain Signal Variability Approach

Catherine Dippel

Catherine Dippel, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Immune function and tryptophan metabolism interaction in schizophrenia: Roles of antipsychotics and TLR 3 and TLR 4 activation"

Abhilash Dwarakanath

Abhilash Dwarakanath, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"On the effect of motion parallax in auditory depth perception"

Erica Ehrhardt

M.Sc. Erica Ehrhardt

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Visual Processing under Fixational Eye Movements"

Jaime Eugenin von Bernhardi

M.Sc. Jaime Eugenin von Bernhardi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Profileration and Differentiation Behavior of NG2 cells modulated by neurnal activity"

Marc Ford

Dr. Marc Ford

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Structure-function relations in mammalian sound localization circuits"

Eva Fraedrich

Dr. Eva Fraedrich

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer & Dr. Virginia L. Flanagin, "The effects of spatially relevant and irrelevant optic flow: An investigation with fMRI"

Louise Delwen Franzen

Dr. Louise Delwen Franzen

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Felix Felmy, "Developmental Refinements in Temporally Precise Auditory Brainstem Circuits"

Louise Delwen Franzen

Louise Delwen Franzen, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Effect of genetically encoded calcium indicators on cellular plasticity"

Dr. Cornelia Geberl

Dr. Cornelia Geberl

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Spatial and temporal resolution of bat sonar"

Dr. Anna Sophie Geserich

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

PD Dr. Stylianos Michalakis, The TET3 Interactome - Novel Insights into Epigenetic Mechanisms in Development and Disease

Céline Gravot

Dr. Céline Gravot

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Hans Straka, "I can see it in your eyes: What the Xenopus laevis eye can teach us about motion perception"

María Fernanda Gutiérrez Herrera

Dr. María Fernanda Gutiérrez Herrera

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermsdörfer & Dr. Styrmir Saevarsson, Neuroanatomy and Rehabilitation of the Directional Motor Deficits associated with Unilateral Neglect

Olivia Haas

M.Sc. Olivia Haas

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"A population Coding Model for Cortical Colour Processing"

Pamela Hathway

M.Sc. Pamela Hathway

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Neural Correlates of Spontaneous Pupil Fluctuations: An EEG / fMRI Study"

Ondrej Havlicek

Dr. Ondrej Havlicek

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Agniezska Wykowska, "The Challenges of Investigating the Sense of Agency by Explicit and Implicit Methods"

Melina Heinrich

Dr. Melina Heinrich

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Aspects of spatiotemporal integration in bat sonar"

Franziska Hellmundt

M.Sc. Franziska Hellmundt

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Space Representations by a network of Coupled neuronal oscillators"

Mike Hemberger

Mike Hemberger, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Functional and anatomical characterization of inhibitory neurons in the nucleus reticularis of mouse vibrissal thalamus"

Judita Huber

M.Sc. Judita Huber

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Multiscale imaging of neuronal activity using simultaneous calcium and functional magnetic resonance imaging in mice

Angelika Hummel

Dr. Angelika Hummel

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Msc: "Functional study of a novel alpha-synuclein misense mutaion in an overexpressing neroblasoma cell model"

PhD: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wurst, Dr. Daniela Vogt-Weisenhorn, "Analysis of a murine Pink1 deficiency in serotonergic and dopaminergic neurons in respect of Parkinson's disease"

Mehrnoosh Jafari

Dr. Mehrnoosh Jafari

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Potschka, "Disease-associated modulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis"

M.Sc. Max Jativa

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Molecular basis of memory reconsolidation"

Laura T. Jiménez Barrón

M.Sc. Laura T. Jiménez Barrón

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Implementing cell type specific Polygenic Risk Score models in schizophrenia research using deep learning techniques"

Karola Käfer

Karola Käfer, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Long-term changes in neuronal activity in traumatized mice"

Alicia Kemble

MSc. Alicia Kemble

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Differential Remodeling of Excitatory and Inhibitory Fibers of the Reticulospinal Tract Following Spinal Cord Injury

Jorg Körner

Dr. Jorg Körner

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Molecular mechanisms of EphB-ephrinB endocytosis in neural cells"

Malte Kremer

Malte Kremer, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Activity-dependent structural plasticity in the mushroom body calyx of Drosophila

Malina Lang

Malina Lang, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

The impact of temporal constraints on cooperation in joint action

Luisa Lange Canhos

Dr. Luisa Lange Canhos

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Regenerative Capacity of Reactive Astrocytes in vitro and in vivo"

Tjaša Lepko

Dr. Tjaša Lepko

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Jovica Ninkovic & Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "The Role of Chromatin Associated Protein HMGB2 in Setting up Permissive Chromatin States for Direct Glia to Neuron Conversion"

Laura Leuchs

Dr. Laura Leuchs

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Victor Spoormaker, Tracking fear learning with pupillometry: Psychophysiological and neuroimaging investigations

Laurence Lewis

Dr. Laurence Lewis

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Ilona Grunwald Kadow, "A Neural Circuit For Resolving Sensory Conflict In Drosophila"

Lu Li

Dr. Lu Li

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Intrinsic Structure of the Inferior Colliculus"

Kristina Loy

Dr. Kristina Loy

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Florence Bareyre, "Remodelling of Spinal and Supraspinal Axonal Tracts following Spinal Cord Injury: Effects of Rehabilitation and Molecular Factors"

Dr. Dmitry Lyamzin

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Nicholas A. Lesica, "Correlations in Populations of Sensory Neurons"

Shouwen Ma

Dr. Shouwen Ma

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Gahr, "A telemetric approach for characterizing behavioral dynamics and neurophysiology of vocal interactions in Zebra Finches"

Sebastian Maas

Sebastian Maas, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"The chromatin remodeling factor subunit Brg-1 and its role in adult neurogenesis in the SEZ"

Mathias-Hagen Mahn

Mathias-Hagen Mahn, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Dynamical modes in coupled large-scale networks"

Michaela Matthes

Michaela Matthes, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Database development and modelling of genetic networks in the mid-hindbrain region of the embryonic mouse"

Dr. Nicola Mattugini

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, Astrocyte Heterogeneity: from Brain Injury to Repair

Ümit Suat Mayadali

M.Sc. Ümit Suat Mayadali

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Detection of rs-fMRI-Based Cortical Parcellation Differences at High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions via k-means++ Clustering"

Dr. Mauro Miguel Monsalve Mercado

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Space in the Brain - of Learning and Representations"

Dr. Elisa Murenu

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Role of metabolism and epigenetics in forced and endogenous neurogenesis in vivo"

Johannes Nehrkorn

Dr. Johannes Nehrkorn

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz, "Olfactory Learning in Drosophila – Learning from Models"

Maximilian Neuhaeusser

Maximilian Neuhaeusser, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Axon growth properties"

Miguel Eduardo Obando Leitón

Miguel Eduardo Obando Leitón, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Agency and social cues in robots"

Tuba Oguz

Tuba Oguz, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Odour Intensity Learning in Drosophila: Focusing on Intensity Learning"

Oriol Pavon Arocas

M.Sc. Oriol Pavon Arocas

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Sleep Regulation in Drosophila"

Jairo Perez Osorio

Dr. Jairo Perez Osorio

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska, "Visual attention in social contexts"

Anja Peters

M.Sc. Anja Peters

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Effects of partial sleep deprivation on the regulation of fear: A simultanous skin conductance response/fMRI study"

Nadezhda Pirogova

M.Sc. Nadezhda Pirogova

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Direct measurement of temporal delays in motion detector input signals"

Pauline Popp

Dr. Pauline Popp

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Marianne Dieterich, A Multimodal Approach on the Consequences of Chronic Structural and Functional Vestibular Syndromes on Cognitve Function, Neural Processing, and Brain Structure

Dr. Vidya Ramesh

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Cellular and molecular function of Uhrf1 in neural stem cells"

Linnea Ransom

M.Sc. Linnea Ransom

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Establishing a CRISPR/Cas9 Screen to Find Modifiers of TDP-43 Toxicity"

Eric Torsten Reifenstein

Eric Torsten Reifenstein, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Single-run phase precession in entorhinal grid cells"

Isabelle Ripp

M.Sc. Isabelle Ripp

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Multisensory integration processing during bimodal stimulation of the visual and olfactory system - an fMRI graph theoretical network analysis"

Benedetta Romano

Benedetta Romano

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "Affective Processes and logical reasoning"

Thomas Edgar Roth

Dr. Thomas Edgar Roth

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Godehard Link, "On Domain Unifying Categorical Kinds - The Formation of a Psychophysical Algebra"

Adriana Lucía Ruiz Rizzo

Dr. Adriana Lucía Ruiz Rizzo

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, PD Dr. Kathrin Finke, "Visual Processing Speed in the Aging Brain"

Dr. Mehrdad Salmasi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Information efficacy of a dynamic synapse"

Maximilian Schneider

Maximilian Schneider, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Evaluation of pupil dilation as a neurophysiological correlate of prediction error signaling in a predictive inference task"

Maximilian Schneider

Dr. Maximilian Schneider

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Victor Spoormaker, Simultaneous Pupillometry and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) for the Detection of Stress-Related Endophenotypes

Monika Schönauer

Dr. Monika Schönauer

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Steffen Gais, "Sleep-dependent Consolidation in Multiple Memory Systems"

Anna Schuetzenberger

Anna Schuetzenberger, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Behavioral characterisation of the blowfly gaze stabilisation system"

Johanna Miriam Schuller

Dr. Johanna Miriam Schuller

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Hans Straka, "Functional Organization and Ontogeny of the Optokinetic Reflex in Xenopus Laevis"

Felicitas Selter

Dr. Felicitas Selter

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "Planning for the Future. Do Animals Have a Time-Relative Interest in Continuing to Live?"

M.Sc. Bassam Serhan

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

A Novel Method of Screening for Ca- Sensitive Photoacoustic Biosensors

Gil Sharvit

Gil Sharvit, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Modulation of response to pain in self and others by different meditation techniques - a functional magnetic imaging study"

Lee Simon-Vermot

Dr. Lee Simon-Vermot

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Micheal Ewers, "Association between resting-state functional connectivity, glucose metabolism and task-activation of neural networks"

Dr. Steffen Steinert

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "Amusement and Beyond – Challenges and New Directions for the Philosophy of Humor"

Vilim Štih

M.Sc. Vilim Štih

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Neural sequence representations influenced by context"

Anna Stöckl

Anna Stöckl, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Encoding of communication signals in the weakly electric fish eigenmannia virescens"

Steffen Tiedt

Dr. Steffen Tiedt

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Martin Dichgans, "The role of blood-based biomarkers in ischemic stroke"

M.Sc. Margarete Anna Überfuhr

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Is Prebycusis predominantly metabolic?"

Gülçin Vardar

Gülçin Vardar, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Brain architecture and synaptic function in the absence of syntaxin-1 isoform"

Ludwig Wallmeier

Dr. Ludwig Wallmeier

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Human spatial orientation in virtual echo-acoustic environments – A new acoustic simulation approach to echolocation and echo suppression"

Inanna Warnhoff

MSc. Inanna Warnhoff

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

The role of insular cortex in innate fear

Franz Weber

Dr. Franz Weber

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

MSc: "Estimation of Dynamic Receptive Fields of Motion-Sensitive Neurons"

PhD: Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "System Identification of Optic-Flow Processing Neurons in the Fly: Single Cell and Small Circuit Models"

Dr. Christian Webhofer

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Walter Zieglgänsberger and Prof. Dr. Christoph Turck, "Antidepressant activated biochemical pathways and biomarker candidates"

Simon Weiler

Dr. Simon Weiler

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Dr. Volker Scheuss, "Integrated Circuit Analysis of the Mouse Visual System"

Max Wühr

Max Wühr, M.Sc.

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Multisensory regulation of gait variability"

Ksenia Yashina

Dr. Ksenia Yashina

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Herwig Baier & Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz, Learning in a Small Vertebrate: a Novel Paradigm for Juvenile Zebrafish to Study Conditioned Place Avoidance

Ali Yousefi

Dr. Ali Yousefi

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmeier, "Reading Through Mirror Neurons? MindReading Reconsidered"

Katharina Zech

M.Sc. Katharina Zech

Supervisor, Thesis Title:

"Investigation of structural brain alterations in OCD patients via neuroimaging methods"