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The GSN Alumni Club

The primary aims of the GSN Alumni Club are:

  1. Networking: Set up a network for all former GSN students (alumni).
  2. Mentoring: Give advice to current students on their PhD/Master projects, provide feedback and offer support when issues arise.
  3. Career development: Provide information on career possibilities, such as talks about current jobs.

Frequestly asked questions about the GSN Alumni Club

For more information, questions, ideas and/or requests, please contact:
Amory Danek:
Philipp Rautenberg:

Surname, First name Title Supervisor, Thesis Title
Alexander, Ryan M.Sc.

"Role of STIM proteins in mGluR1/TRPC3-dependent signaling in cerebellar Purkinje cells"

Ammer, Georg Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "Functional Dissociation of Neural Circuits for Motion Vision in Drosophila"

Ammer, Julian Dr. 

Dr. Felix Felmy, "Development and physiology of signal integration in the DNLL"

Annac, Efsun
Azghandi, Sepiede Dr. 

PD Dr. Christof Haffner, "Effect of HDAC9 Deficiency on Atherosclerosis and Stroke"

Bahl, Armin Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "The role of direction-selective visual interneurons T4 and T5 in Drosophila orientation behavior"

Balbi, Matilde Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila, "Regulation of cerebral blood flow in health and disease"

Balijepalli, Aarathi Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Role of EphA4 in Spinal Circuits Controlling Locomotion"

Banchi, Roberto Dr. 

MSc Thesis: "Morpho-physiological Organization of vestibulo-ocular reflex behaviour in Axolotl"

PhD Thesis: Prof. Hans Straka, "Role of locomotor corollary discharges in sensory-motor integration in Xenopus laevis and Ambystoma mexicanum"

Bartels, Martin Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Armin Giese, "Establishment of Novel Cell Culture Models of Parkinson´s Disease to Study Formation, Modulation, and Toxicity of α-Synuclein Oligomers"

Bayam, Efil Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Transcriptome analysis of adult neural stem cells and functional analysis of novel candidate genes TSP-4 and Uhrf1"

Behrendt, Mona Gwendolyn Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Glial Cell Reactivity in Mouse Models reflecting Different Aspects of Alzheimer's Desease"

Berman, Albert M.Sc.

"The effect of Methyphenidate on functional resting state connectivity in healthy adult subjects"

Berner, Sarah M.Sc. 

"Developmental Profile of the Cholernegic Modulation in the Auditory Breinstream"

Berner, Sarah Dr. 

"Structure-Function Relationships in the Auditory Brainstem"

Bocca, Francesca Dr. 

Dr. Paul Taylor, "Combined TMS-EEG Studies of Visual Attention"

Bogdanovic, Renee Marie M.Sc.

"Effects of endocannabinoid system modulator JZL 184 in a mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsy"

Bögle, Rainer Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Marianne Dieterich, "Modulation of the central vestibular networks through aging and high-strength magnetic fields: Implications for studies of vestibular function with functional magnetic resonance imaging"

Brandi, Marie-Luise Dr. 

Dr. Afra Wohlschläger, "An fMRI-Investigation on the Neural Correlates of Tool Use in Young and Elderly Adults"

Brem, Claudia M.Sc. 

"An Analytical Treatment of the Reichardt Detector Response to Moving Egdes"

Bremova, Tatiana Dr. 

Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael Strupp "Niemann-Pick type C disease: Effects of a therapy with acetyl-DL-leucine and vestibular function"

Brostek, Lukas Adam Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Eye velocity gain fields for visuo- motor coordinate transformations: a multi-level analysis of neuronal activity in cortical area MSTd"

Bywalez, Wolfgang Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Veronica Egger, "Physiology of rodent olfactory bulb interneurons"

Chen, Siyi Dr. 

PD. Dr. Markus Conci, "Object completion effects in attention and memory"

Chen, Susu M.Sc.

"Development and optimization of algorithms for EM image processing"

Couchman, Kiri Anne Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Receptor and Synapses in the MSO"

Cross Villasana, Fernando Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beckmann, "The cortical aftereffects of dynamic handgrip and the role of the electroencephalographic alpha and theta bands before and during visuomotor performance"

Cuturi, Luigi Dr. 

Dr. Paul MacNeilage, "Intrinsic and Induced Biases in Self-Motion Perception"

Danek (née Faber), Amory H. Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Investigation of Insight with Magic Tricks: Introducing a Novel Paradigm"

Darmohray, Dana M.Sc.

"The effects of attention modulation on reward processing"

Deshpande, Aditi Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Unravelling the presynaptic connections of adult-generated neurons: rabies virus-mediated tracing of monosynaptic connections onto newborn neurons"

Dietrich, Haike Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hans Straka, "Functional organization of extraocular motoneuron in a developmental context in Xenopus laevis"

Dippel, Catherine M.Sc.

"Immune function and tryptophan metabolism interaction in schizophrenia: Roles of antipsychotics and TLR 3 and TLR 4 activation"

Doll, Anselm Dr. 

Dr. Afra Wohlschläger, "Brain Effects of Mindfulness in Three Modalities: Functional Activation and Connectivity during Task and Rest"

Douglass, Amelia Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Neural circuit mechanisms underlying modulation of food consumption and reward by the central amygdala "

Dwarakanath, Abhilash M.Sc.

"On the effect of motion parallax in auditory depth perception"

Ederle, Helena Dr. 

Dr. Dorothee Dormann, "Identification of nuclear export pathways of TDP-43 and FUS"

Ehrhardt, Erica M.Sc. 

"Visual Processing under Fixational Eye Movements"

Ehrhardt, Erica Dr. 

Prof. Dr. George Boyan, "Early development of a sensory system: pioneer neurons in the antenna of the grasshopper Schistocerca gregaria"

Eugenin von Bernhardi, Jaime M.Sc. 

"Profileration and Differentiation Behavior of NG2 cells modulated by neurnal activity"

Ewerdwalbesloh, Julia Dr. 

PD Dr. Patrick Khader "Cognitive Mechanisms and Neuronal Dynamics of Mental Images"

Feldmann-Wüstefeld, Tobias Dr. 

Dr. Anna Schubö, "The role of context homogeneity in deployment of visual attention"

Ford, Marc Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Structure-function relations in mammalian sound localization circuits"

Fraedrich, Eva Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer & Dr. Virginia L. Flanagin, "The effects of spatially relevant and irrelevant optic flow: An investigation with fMRI"

Franzen, Louise Delwen Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Felix Felmy, "Developmental Refinements in Temporally Precise Auditory Brainstem Circuits"

Franzen, Louise Delwen M.Sc.

"Effect of genetically encoded calcium indicators on cellular plasticity"

Franzmeier, Nikolai Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Michael Ewers, "Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Reserve in Alzheimer´s Disease"

Funk, Johanna Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller & Dr. Kathrin Finke, "Subjective orientation perception in hemispatial neglect: Effects of internal and external mediators of subjective space perception and of feedback-based training"

Ganzenmüller, Stephanie Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Effects of Sensory Feedback on Duration Reproduction - A Bayesian Approach to Characterize Sensorimotor Temporal Estimation"

Geberl, Cornelia Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Spatial and temporal resolution of bat sonar"

Goc, Joanna Dr. 

Dr. Christian Vollmar, "Establishing a novel diagnostic method to localize the epileptogenic zone in cryptogenic focal epilepsy"

Gökce, Onur Dr. 

Dr. Volker Scheuss, "Channelrhodopsin Assisted Synapse Identity Mapping Reveals Clustering of Layer 5 Intralaminar Inputs"

Goschy, Harriet Dr. 

Dr. Michael Zehetleitner, "Top-down shielding from distraction in visual attention: Factors of influence"

Graetsch, Melanie Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Steffen Gais, "Neuroimaging and Behavioral Investigations of Memory Consolidation during Sleep on Time Scales from Hours to Months"

Gravot, Céline Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hans Straka, "I can see it in your eyes: What the Xenopus laevis eye can teach us about motion perception"

Haas, Olivia Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold,  "Input-Dependent Neuronal Representations of Virtual Environments in the Hippocampus"

Haas, Olivia M.Sc. 

"A population Coding Model for Cortical Colour Processing"

Hänzi, Sara Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hans Straka, "Behaviour and ist consequences: Xenopus laevis wall following, swimming and corollary discharge"

Haßfurth, Benjamin Dr. 

PD Dr. Ursula Koch, "Activity-Dependent Changes in a Neuronal Circuit Important for Sound Localization"

Hathway, Pamela M.Sc. 

"Neural Correlates of Spontaneous Pupil Fluctuations: An EEG / fMRI Study"

Havlicek, Ondrej Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Agniezska Wykowska, "The Challenges of Investigating the Sense of Agency by Explicit and Implicit Methods"

Hegenloh, Michael Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Mechanisms of visual salience and memory on reaching and grasping behavior"

Heinrich, Melina Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Aspects of spatiotemporal integration in bat sonar"

Hellmundt, Franziska M.Sc. 

"Space Representations by a network of Coupled neuronal oscillators"

Hemberger, Mike M.Sc.

"Functional and anatomical characterization of inhibitory neurons in the nucleus reticularis of mouse vibrissal thalamus"

Honarnejad, Kamran Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Jochen Herms, "Discovery and characterization of novel drugs for treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease from a high-throughput compound screen"

Huber, Judita M.Sc. 

Multiscale imaging of neuronal activity using simultaneous calcium and functional magnetic resonance imaging in mice

Hummel, Angelika Dr. 

Msc: "Functional study of a novel alpha-synuclein misense mutaion in an overexpressing neroblasoma cell model"

PhD: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wurst, Dr. Daniela Vogt-Weisenhorn, "Analysis of a murine Pink1 deficiency in serotonergic and dopaminergic neurons in respect of Parkinson's disease"

Hummel, Nadine Dr. 

Dr. Virginia Flanagin, "Human self-motion perception – Sensory processing, adaption and training"

Jafari, Mehrnoosh Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Potschka, "Disease-associated modulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis"

Jativa, Max M.Sc. 

"Molecular basis of memory reconsolidation"

Jiménez Barrón, Laura T. M.Sc. 

"Implementing cell type specific Polygenic Risk Score models in schizophrenia research using deep learning techniques"

Jonikaitis, Donatas Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Heiner Deubel, "Attentional Dynamics Before Coordinated Eye and Hand Movements"

Käfer, Karola M.Sc.

"Long-term changes in neuronal activity in traumatized mice"

Kammerer, Axel Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Memory Capacity in the Hippocampus: Influence of Inhibition and Remapping"

Kao, Chi-Ya Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christoph W. Turck, "Pathway and biomarker discovery in a posttraumatic stress disorder mouse model"

Karcher, Bert Dr. 

Prof. Oliver Scholz, "Wayfinding: An Interdisciplinary Journey into the Domain of Spatial Representation in Philosophy and Psychology"

Kaufmann, David Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "How can we know what is "moral"? - Philosophical commitments in empirical research on moral judgment"

Klapetek-Dünnweber, Anna Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Heiner Deubel "The link between covert attention and saccade programming: Evidence from competitive tasks"

Koch, Anja Isabel Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "A probalistic theory of salience: Attentional selection and capture"

Körner, Jorg Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Molecular mechanisms of EphB-ephrinB endocytosis in neural cells"

Krafft, Stefanie Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Straube, "Learned Control Over Spinal Nociception In Healthy Subjects And Patients With Chronic Back Pain"

Kremer, Malte M.Sc.

Activity-dependent structural plasticity in the mushroom body calyx of Drosophila

Krüger, Melanie Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Straube, "Motor variability as a characteristic of the control of reaching movements: Influence of sensory input and task constraints"

Kucukdereli, Hakan Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Functional Mapping of Central Amygdala Feeding and Reward Circuits"

Kupferberg, Alexandra Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Of men, monkeys, and machines. Behavioral and neural correlatives of goal understanding in humans and non-human primates"

Lang, Malina M.Sc.

The impact of temporal constraints on cooperation in joint action

Laurent, Sarah Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Edgar Meinl, "γ-secretase directly sheds the surviral receptor BCMA from plasma cells"

Leidmaa, Este Dr. 

Prof. Osborne Almeida, "Hedonic interruption of the physiological controls of eating: sites and mechanisms"

Leonhardt, Aljoscha Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "Circuits and Algorithms underlying Drosophila Motion Vision in Natural Environments"

Lewis, Laurence Dr. 

Dr. Ilona Grunwald Kadow, "A Neural Circuit For Resolving Sensory Conflict In Drosophila"

Li, Lu Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Intrinsic Structure of the Inferior Colliculus"

Liebscher, Sabine Dr. 

Prof. Mark Hübener, "Structural and functional alterations of cortical neurons in Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mice assessed by two-photon in vivo imaging"

Lipski, Joachim Dr. 

Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "Intentionality and Neuroscience – Toward a Translation Between Mind and Brain State Descriptions"

Lorenz, Tamara Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Sandra Hirche, "Emergent Coordination between Humans and Robots - Utilizing Movement Synchronization to Improve Human Robot Interaction"

Loy, Kristina Dr. 

Dr. Florence Bareyre, "Remodelling of Spinal and Supraspinal Axonal Tracts following Spinal Cord Injury: Effects of Rehabilitation and Molecular Factors"

Lyamzin, Dmitry Dr. 

Dr. Nicholas A. Lesica, "Correlations in Populations of Sensory Neurons"

Ma, Shouwen Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Manfred Gahr, "A telemetric approach for characterizing behavioral dynamics and neurophysiology of vocal interactions in Zebra Finches"

Maas, Sebastian M.Sc.

"The chromatin remodeling factor subunit Brg-1 and its role in adult neurogenesis in the SEZ"

Macare, Christine Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ettinger, "An Imaging (Behaviour-) Genetics Perspective on Schizotypy and Antisaccades"

Mahn, Mathias-Hagen M.Sc.

"Dynamical modes in coupled large-scale networks"

Mathis, Alexander Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz, "The representation of space in mammals: Resolution of stochastic place and grid codes"

Matthes, Michaela M.Sc.

"Database development and modelling of genetic networks in the mid-hindbrain region of the embryonic mouse"

Mayadali, Ümit Suat M.Sc. 

"Detection of rs-fMRI-Based Cortical Parcellation Differences at High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions via k-means++ Clustering"

McCarter, Joanna Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Melanie Meyer-Luehmann, "Dynamics of Amyloid Plaque Formation in Alzheimer´s Disease - A study in transgenic mice"

McIlwrick, Silja Dr. 

Dr. Chadi Touma, "Genetic risk factors and early-life stress interact to shape endophenotypes of affective disorders: behavioral, neuroendocrine, and molecular consequences of a gene × environment interaction"

Meier, Matthias Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "Functional characterization of the neural components in Drosophila motion detection"

Meng, Chun Dr. 

Dr. Afra Wohlschläger, "Brain Connectome in Major Depression and Preterm Born Individuals at Risk for Depression"

Monsalve Mercado, Mauro Miguel Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Space in the Brain - of Learning and Representations"

Mulej Bratec, Satja Dr. 

Dr. Christian Sorg "Extending the Concept of Emotion Regulation with Model-Based fMRI"

Murenu, Elisa Dr. 

Prof Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Role of metabolism and epigenetics in forced and endogenous neurogenesis in vivo"

Nagel, Daniel Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Klein, "Analysis of adhesive and repulsive functions of FLRT proteins in central nervous system development"

Nehrkorn, Johannes Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herz, "Olfactory Learning in Drosophila – Learning from Models"

Nehrkorn (neé Schüller), Kathrin Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Plesnila, "The role of pericytes in microcirculatory dysfunction after subarachnoid hemorrhage"

Neitzel, Julia Dr. 

PD Dr. Kathrin Finke, "Using neuro-cognitive modelling to link attention deficits to structural and functional brain changes"

Neuhaeusser, Maximilian M.Sc.

"Axon growth properties"

Ng, Judy King Man Dr. 

Dr. Klaus Dornmair & Dr. Edgar Meinl, "Anti-Neurofascin Autoantibodies: Assay Development and Analysis of Inflammatory Diseases of the Peripheral and Central Nervous System"

Obando Leitón, Miguel Eduardo M.Sc.

"Agency and social cues in robots"

Oguz, Tuba M.Sc.

"Odour Intensity Learning in Drosophila: Focusing on Intensity Learning"

Pankova, Katarina Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "Neurotransmitters in the neuronal circuit for motion vision in Drosphila melanogaster"

Patchev (née Polta), Stephanie Dr. 

MSc: "The impact of disturbed sleed on the development of PTSD in an animal model"

PhD: PD Dr. Carsten Wotjak, "The Architecture and Limbic Activity Characteristics of Rapid Eye Movement Sleep as Symptomatic and Prognostic Factors in an Animal Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"

Pavon Arocas, Oriol M.Sc. 

"Sleep Regulation in Drosophila"

Perez Osorio, Jairo Dr. 

Dr. Agnieszka Wykowska, "Visual attention in social contexts"

Peters, Anja M.Sc. 

"Effects of partial sleep deprivation on the regulation of fear: A simultanous skin conductance response/fMRI study"

Petricca, Stefania Dr. 

Dr. Jovica Ninkovic, "Transcription factor Pax6 regulates cell cycle progression and cell fate determination: the modular logic of complex transcriptional control"

Petzschner, Frederike H. Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Magnitude estimation in humans: a bayesian approach to characteristic behavior in path integration"

Philipp, Sebastian Thomas Dr. 

Dr. Thomas Wachtler, "Information integration and neural plasticity in sensory processing investigated at the levels of single neurons, networks, and perception"

Pirogova, Nadezhda M.Sc. 

"Direct measurement of temporal delays in motion detector input signals"

Ramesh, Vidya Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Götz, "Cellular and molecular function of Uhrf1 in neural stem cells"

Rangelov, Dragan Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Sequence Effects in Simple Cognitive Tasks: The Mutliple-Weighting-Systems Hypothesis"

Ransom, Linnea M.Sc. 

"Establishing a CRISPR/Cas9 Screen to Find Modifiers of TDP-43 Toxicity"

Rausch, Manuel Dr. 

PD Dr. Michael Zehetleitner, "Content, granularity, and type 2 sensitivity of subjective measures of visual consciousness"

Rautenberg, Philipp Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Benedikt Grothe, "Developmental Alterations and Electrophysiological Properties: a Morphological Analysis of Coincidense Detector Neurons in the Medial Duperior Olive"

Reeß, Tim Dr. 
Reifenstein, Eric Torsten M.Sc.

"Single-run phase precession in entorhinal grid cells"

Riedl, Valentin Dr. Dr. 

Dr. Afra Wohlschläger, "Intrinsic Functional Brain Networks in Health and Disease"

Ripp, Isabelle M.Sc. 

"Multisensory integration processing during bimodal stimulation of the visual and olfactory system - an fMRI graph theoretical network analysis"

Rössert, Christian Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Reverse Engineeering the Verstibular System: Intrinsic and Synaptic Contribution to Signal Processing in Frog Central Verstibular Neurons"

Roth, Thomas Edgar Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Godehard Link, "On Domain Unifying Categorical Kinds - The Formation of a Psychophysical Algebra"

Ruiz Rizzo, Adriana Lucía Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, PD Dr. Kathrin Finke, "Visual Processing Speed in the Aging Brain"

Rus, Oana Georgiana Dr. 

PD Dr. Katrin Koch, THE OBSESSED BRAIN: Functional and structural neural correlates in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Salmasi, Mehrdad Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Glasauer, "Information efficacy of a dynamic synapse"

Sauter, Marian
Schlagbauer, Bernhard Dr. 

Dr. Thomas Geyer, "Dynamics of Perceptual Learning in Visual Search"

Schlesiger, Magdalene Dr. 

"The role of the medial entorhinal cortex in hippocampal spatial and temporal coding".

Schneider, Maximilian M.Sc.

"Evaluation of pupil dilation as a neurophysiological correlate of prediction error signaling in a predictive inference task"

Schneider, Sarah Dr. 

Dr. Leda Dimou, "Proliferating NG2-glia and their functional importance in the healthy and injured brain"

Schönauer, Monika Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Steffen Gais, "Sleep-dependent Consolidation in Multiple Memory Systems"

Schuetzenberger, Anna M.Sc.

"Behavioral characterisation of the blowfly gaze stabilisation system"

Schuller, Johanna Miriam Dr. 

Prof. Hans Straka, "Functional Organization and Ontogeny of the Optokinetic Reflex in Xenopus Laevis"

Schümann, Anne Dr. 

Dr. Corette Wierenga, "Structural dynamics of GABAergic axons in the face of changing neuronal activity: a study in hippocampal slice cultures"

Serbe, Etienne Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst "Analysis of the Neural Circuit Underlying the Detection of Visual Motion in Drosophila melanogaster"

Sharvit, Gil M.Sc.

"Modulation of response to pain in self and others by different meditation techniques - a functional magnetic imaging study"

Simon-Vermot, Lee Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Micheal Ewers, "Association between resting-state functional connectivity, glucose metabolism and task-activation of neural networks"

Singh, Arun Dr. 

PD Dr. Kai Bötzel, "Human basal ganglia recordings from implanted deep brain stimulation electrodes and the microlesion effect"

Soutschek, Alexander Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Torsten Schubert, "Conflict-specific mechanisma of cognitive control and their neural implemantation"

Stefanova, Iskra Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Marianne Dieterich, "Age-related changes of the cortical visual-vestibular interaction in healthy subjects"

Steinert, Steffen Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmaier, "Amusement and Beyond – Challenges and New Directions for the Philosophy of Humor"

Štih, Vilim M.Sc. 

"Neural sequence representations influenced by context"

Stöckl, Anna M.Sc.

"Encoding of communication signals in the weakly electric fish eigenmannia virescens"

Sumser, Anton Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Bert Sakmann "Structure and Dynamics of the Corticothalamic Driver Pathway in the Mouse Whisker System"

Tejero Cantero, Álvaro Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Christian Leibold, "Of Memories and Ripples - Functional and Mechanistic Aspects of Memory Sequences During Hippocampal Ripples"

Terzian, Ana Luisa Dr. 

Dr. Carsten Wotjak, "Behavioral phenotypes of mice lacking cannabinoid CB1 receptors in different neuronal subpopulations - Focus on sex-related social interest"

Tiedt, Steffen Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Martin Dichgans, "The role of blood-based biomarkers in ischemic stroke"

Trattner, Barbara Dr. 

PD Dr. Lars Kunz, "Endocannabinoid modulation and metabolic maturation in the superior olivary complex"

Üçpunar, Habibe Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Ilona Grünwald Kadow, "A Neuromodulatory Mechanism for State-Dependent Nutrient Detection in Drosophila"

Vardar, Gülçin M.Sc.

"Brain architecture and synaptic function in the absence of syntaxin-1 isoform"

Volkening, Katharina Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Ingo Keller, "Processing of time and space in visuo-spatial neglect and the influence of galvanic vestibular stimulation"

von Rüden, Eva-Lotta Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Heidrun Potschka, "Pharmacological and genetic modulation of the endocannabinoid system: Evaluation of preventive strategies in the amygdala kindling model of temporal lobe epilepsy"

Wallmeier, Ludwig Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Lutz Wiegrebe, "Human spatial orientation in virtual echo-acoustic environments – A new acoustic simulation approach to echolocation and echo suppression"

Weber, Franz Dr. 

MSc: "Estimation of Dynamic Receptive Fields of Motion-Sensitive Neurons"

PhD: Prof. Dr. Alexander Borst, "System Identification of Optic-Flow Processing Neurons in the Fly: Single Cell and Small Circuit Models"

Webhofer, Christian Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Walter Zieglgänsberger and Prof. Dr. Christoph Turck, "Antidepressant activated biochemical pathways and biomarker candidates"

Wiegand, Iris Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Components of aging: neurophysiological markers of age-related changes in visual attention"

Wiese, Eva Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Hermann Müller, "Making eyes with others: how context information modulates attentional orienting to gaze direction"

Wühr, Max M.Sc.

"Multisensory regulation of gait variability"

Wutte, Magdalena Dr. 

Dr. Virginia L. Flanagin, "Understanding space by move through it: Neural networks of motion- and space processing in humans"

Yousefi, Ali Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Stephan Sellmeier, "Reading Through Mirror Neurons? MindReading Reconsidered"

Zech, Katharina M.Sc. 

"Investigation of structural brain alterations in OCD patients via neuroimaging methods"

Zou, Chengyu Dr. 

Prof. Dr. Jochen Herms, "The Structural Plasticity of Dendritic Spines in Amyloid Precursor Protein Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Models"