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Ulrich Büttner

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Büttner

Former member MCN, GSN former faculty


Research Group Leader, Dept. Neurology, LMU


Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
Clinic Großhadern
Dept. of Neurology
Marchioninistr. 15
D-81377 Munich

Phone: +49 (0)89 / 4400-72560
Fax: +49 (0)89 / 4400-75561


Further Information

Research focus:

Three-dimensional analysis of eye movements in normals and patients

Topological ordering of eye movement disorders

Drug therapy for eye movement disorders

Coding of oculomotor and vestibular information in the brainstem and cerebellum

Key words: Behavioral neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, systems neurobiology

Selected publications:

Kleine JF, Guan Y, Kipiani E, Glonti L, Hoshi M and Büttner U. (2004) Trunk positions influences vestibular responses of fastigial nucleus neurons in the alert monkey. J Neurophysiol 93, 2090-2100.

Glasauer S, Hoshi M, Kempermann U, Eggert T and Büttner U. (2003) Three dimensional eye position and slow phase velocity in humans with downbeat nystagmus. J Neurophysiol 89: 338-354.

Kleine J.F, Guan Y and Büttner U. (2003) Saccade-related neurons in the primate fastigial nucleus: what do they encode? J Neurophysiol 90, 3137-3154, 2003.

Helmchen C, Rambold H, Kempermann U, Büttner-Ennever JA and Büttner U. (2002) Localizing value of torsional nystagmus in small midbrain lesions. Neurol 59: 1956-1964.

Helmchen C., Rambold H., Fuhry L. and Büttner U. (1998) Deficits in vertical and torsional eye movements after uni- and bilateral muscimol inactivation of the interstitial nucleus of Cajal of the alert monkey. Exp. Brain Res. 119, 436-452.