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Tim Gollisch

Prof. Dr. Tim Gollisch

Former member MCN, GSN former faculty


Professor for Sensory Processing in the Retina


University Göttingen
School of Medicine
Dept. of Opthalmology
Waldweg 33
D-37073 Göttingen

Phone: +49 (0)551 / 39 13542


Further Information

Research focus: How the neural network in the vertebrate retina processes visual information

Key words: Visual system, retina, action potentials, electrophysiology, computational modeling, retinal ganglion cells, multi-electrode arrays, whole-cell recordings with patch pipettes, saccades, fixational eye movements

Selected publications:

Bölinger D and Gollisch T. (2012) Closed-loop measurements of iso-response stimuli reveal dynamic nonlinear stimulus integration in the retina. Neuron 73: 333-346.

Gollisch T and Meister M. (2010) Eye smarter than scientists believed: Neural computation in circuits of the retina. Neuron 65: 150-164.

Gollisch T. (2009) Throwing a glance at the neural code: Rapid information transmission in the visual system. HFSP Journal 3: 36-46.

Gollisch T and Meister M. (2008) Rapid neural coding in the retina with relative spike latencies. Science 319: 1108-1111.

Herz AVM, Gollisch T, Machens CK and Jaeger D. (2006) Modeling single-neuron dynamics and computations: A balance of detail and abstraction. Science 314: 80-85.