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Paul MacNeilage

Dr. Paul MacNeilage

GSN former faculty


University of Nevada, Reno
Department of Psychology, Cognitive and Brain Sciences
1664 N. Virginia Street, Reno 89557


Further Information

Research focus: Psychophysical measurement of human spatial orientation perception, probabilistic modeling of multimodal integration, neurophysiological population modeling of vestibular and visual function, measurements and analysis of natural vestibular and visual stimuli, measurement and modeling of reflexive eye movements, clinical diagnostic methods for vertigo and balance disorders

Keywords: multimodal perception, psychophysics, virtual reality, spatial orientation

GSN students

Selected publications:

Dokka K, Macneilage PR, Deangelis GC, Angelaki DE (2013) Multisensory Self-Motion Compensation During Object Trajectory Judgments. Cereb Cortex. Sep 22.

Agrawal Y, Bremova T, Kremmyda O, Strupp M, MacNeilage P (2013) Clinical Testing of Otolith Function: Perceptual Thresholds and Myogenic Potentials. JARO, Sept. 27

Cuturi LF, Macneilage PR (2013) Systematic biases in human heading estimation. PLoS One 8(2): e56862. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0056862.

MacNeilage PR, Zhang Z, DeAngelis GC, Angelaki DE (2012) Vestibular facilitation of optic flow parsing. PLoS One 7(7): e40264. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0040264.

Dokka K, MacNeilage PR, DeAngelis GD, Angelaki DE (2011) Estimating distance during self-motion: a role for visual-vestibular interactions. J Vis. 11(13).

MacNeilage, Banks, DeAngelis, Angelaki (2010) Vestibular heading discrimination and sensitivity to linear acceleration in head and world coordinates. J Neurosci 30(27):9084-9094.

MacNeilage, Turner, Angelaki (2010) Canal-otolith interactions and detection thresholds of linear and angular components during curved-path self-motion. J Neurophysiol 104(2):765-73.

MacNeilage, Ganesan, Angelaki (2008) Computational approaches to spatial orientation: from transfer functions to dynamic Bayesian inference. J Neurophysiol 100(6): 2981-2996.

MacNeilage, Banks, Berger, Buelthoff (2007). A Bayesian model of the disambiguation of gravitoinertial force by visual cues. Exp Brain Res 179(2):263-90.